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Taylor Swift impersonator slammed for 'gross' public stunt that 'went too far'

Taylor Swift impersonator slammed for 'gross' public stunt that 'went too far'

Taylor Swift look-alike Ashley Leechin is well-known for her impersonations of the pop star.

Taylor Swift impersonator Ashley Leechin has been criticised by some viewers for what they are calling a 'gross' public stunt that 'went too far'.

Leechin - who has a million followers on TikTok - appeared in an Instagram video organised by YouTube personality Victor Galvan.

The Swift lookalike was dressed in a red leather cap, white top, jeans and shades, about to parade through Downtown Disney.

Fans swarmed the 30-year-old and had no idea that the whole thing was just a prank.

After Leechin revealed that the whole thing was simply a gag, fans were heard chanting her first name 'Ashley' and were seemingly happy to go along with it.

However, in the comments section, some viewers were less than impressed.

"This is weird behavior," one commented, as another branded it as being 'so disgusting'.


Others accused the TikTok personality of 'tricking' Swift's fans and that the stunt was 'actually gross', with one saying: "She has gone too far. So over her."

Some have come to Leechin's defence though, with one person saying: "People have been impersonating celebrities for DECADES. It’s literally a whole business.

"The amount of hate coming from some of these women in here is vile."

And the mum-of-two even started an anti-defamation petition on 9 February to 'help stop cyber bullying, harassment & other forms of defamation towards myself, Ashley Leechin, as well as others'.

"Some Swifties have taken to the internet to defame my name & one of them has a video on their page comparing me to a murderer. This is not okay & should not be taken lightly," reads the petition.

"Please remember that freedom of speech stands true in all of this, however, when you are being labeled as a potential murderer for having fun making 10 second videos on a platform & being targeted in a criminal manner…it is not okay.


"This is not to go after the creator’s page or themselves, it is to take down a specific video that has incited violence towards me).

"This creator is not the only one & there are plenty more but one voice can make a difference to end bullying."

She explained: "I have 2 children, a husband, a cat family & I am a licensed Registered Nurse who makes content on social media as well as pursuing an acting career.

"I do not aspire to write music, sing or play a musical instrument. I do not write like Taylor ( I have completely different penmanship ) & hold my pen in such a manner that brings comfort, which releases direct pressure off the median nerve."

Leechin later told UNILAD: "This was an idea that was presented to me weeks in advance and everything was handled through my management team. I though it would be a fun social experiment to be involved in."

"I did not pay for security and to be part of this and simply collaborated with another creator.

She added: "This was not my idea, I simply [was] the talent."

UNILAD has also contacted Victor Galvan for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@vicinthegame

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