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Right-wing podcaster trolled after telling Stephen King to ‘get a job’

Right-wing podcaster trolled after telling Stephen King to ‘get a job’

Acclaimed author Stephen King was told to 'get a job' by the conservative podcast host

A right-wing podcaster is being trolled after telling prolific author Stephen King to ‘get a job’.

The acclaimed author - who wrote the books It, Carrie and The Shining among many others - has basically been told he needs to join the job market by a conservative commentator in an unexpected Twitter spat.

King found himself coming to blows with the former Fox News personality when the latter shared a post on Wednesday (10 May) to his 4.2 million Twitter followers that read: “Biden is a disgrace to humankind. An embarrassment to the human race in every respect.”

Stephen King ended up in a Twitter spat with the podcaster.
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King replied to the post with a laughing emoji and the words: "Yes. But he’s got a real job, not a podcast.”

Bongino, who used to present the Fox News show Unfiltered before leaving the network last month, hosts the podcast The Dan Bongino Show in case you didn't know.

Bongino did not take this clap back lightly and he typed an odd response and in the process, seemingly called one of the most successful authors of our time unemployed.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he hit back in a tweet. “Millions of listeners a day on a podcast while you’re watching porn in your momma’s basement yearning for the days that people actually gave a s*** about your dumb a**. Nice comeback dip****. Get a job loser.”

Bongino clearly should have taken a closer look at the name and photo of the person he was responding to.

The tweet went viral on social media and Reddit users were particularly sharp with their responses to Bongino’s faux pas.


“I would enjoy reading the follow-up comments from all the people pointing out he just told Stephen King to get a job,” one Reddit user said.

Another commenter wrote: “Not like he is one of the most famous horror writer that got a record of his books filmed...”

A third typed: “The guy 100% didn't look at who he was replying to. He’s not saying Stephen King doesn’t have a job, he’s saying, ‘generic person who disagrees with me’ doesn’t have a job.”

While a fourth person chimed in and wrote: “Stephen King with an estimated net worth of $500M. And those are real earned dollars too, not hedge fund insider trading shenanigans. Bongino is a dipsh*t.”

The Dan Bongino Show

The shock and horror in response to Bongino’s tweet kept coming, as someone else said: “I mean, Stephen King might be one of the most successful horror writers ever, but hey yeah you have a sh***Y podcast.”

Another Reddit user joked: “Lol telling a 75-year-old to get a job is dumb. Telling a 75-year-old that's worth half a billion to get a job is dumber. Telling the most prolific writer of his generation to get a job possibly the dumbest thing you can ever say.”

And one savage response read: “Maybe Dan doesn't know who Stephen King is because he's never read a book in his life.”

Featured Image Credit: The Dan Bongino Show/Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

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