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Sophia Grace responds to criticism that she's too young to have baby after sharing pregnancy

Sophia Grace responds to criticism that she's too young to have baby after sharing pregnancy

The Ellen star has recently revealed she's expecting her first baby.

Sophia Grace Brownlee has responded to criticism that she's 'too young to have a baby' after she announced her pregnancy news last week.

Sophia, 19, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show at the age of eight, where she performed Nicki Minaj's Super Bass with her cousin, Rosie McClelland.

Sophia revealed her baby news on YouTube.
YouTube/Sophia Grace

Announcing her exciting baby news last week, Sophia said on YouTube: "I am 21 weeks today [...] I was very shocked when I first found out, I have got used to it now and I am super, super happy about it and I can't wait to share this journey with you guys.”

But despite having heaps of positive reaction and support from followers, Sophia has revealed that some social media users have been rather negative about her news, claiming she is 'too young' to start a family.

"I feel like 19 is quite young, obviously, to have a baby," she told E! News.

"Usually most people are like, ‘You should have babies when you're 30 and you're married and you live in your own house' which is completely fine. But obviously everyone's gonna have their different opinions.

"I just feel it's about the person themselves. And as long as you feel ready and it's something that you're happy about, then it's really no one else's problem."

Sophia said that while she did feel a little 'overwhelmed at the start', she's had so much support from family and friends, and is now feeling confident.

"At the start I was feeling a bit sort of overwhelmed," she added.

"And you think about like, ‘How am I going to know how to do this? How am I going to learn how to carry the baby properly?' It's kind of scary.

"It's a human, but I feel like it will just come naturally once I have the baby. My family and friends are so supportive. I'm sure that I will help so much. So I feel really confident about it now."

Sophia first appeared on the Ellen Show when she was eight, with cousin Rosie, five, after their parents posted a clip of them singing Nicki Minaj's song Super Bass.

They then appeared on Ellen's show, returning numerous times as a firm favourite act. The cousins even went on to get their own segment with Ellen - known as Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie - where they interviewed celebrities themselves.

Featured Image Credit: Sophia Grace/The Ellen Show

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