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Snoop Dogg puts himself forward to lead Twitter after majority of people voted Elon Musk to step down

Snoop Dogg puts himself forward to lead Twitter after majority of people voted Elon Musk to step down

People are well and truly keen to see the D-O-double-G installed as 'chief Twit'.

After Musk was seemingly voted out of his role as Twitter CEO following a public poll, an unlikely candidate has thrown his hat in the ring to replace him: Snoop Dogg.

The US-based rapper has taken to Twitter to ask if he should take the CEO gig off the hands of Elon Musk.

With three hours to go at the time of writing, it would appear the ayes have it.

Out of over three million votes, a staggering 81 percent of people reckon Snoop should take over Twitter.

Social media users were quick to jump on Snoop's offer, with many revealing they would love to see it happen.

One social media user said: "I [will] abide [by] my new Snoop Overlord."

A second added: "You should rebrand it as tWEEDter then."

While a third Twitter user commented: "Now this would be interesting."

Another chimed in with: "Only if you agree to never be sober while doing so."

The most chaotic website on the internet may just be about to get a little more bonkers.

This could be fun.

On top of the general public, Guinness World Records got in there with a bit of a dig: "Biggest yes ratio in a twitter poll."


Guinness was, of course, referencing Musk's own poll in which he asked Twitter if he should step aside as CEO.

By the time the poll had closed on Monday (December 19), 57.5 per cent of respondents voted 'yes'.

There were more than 17 million votes from Twitter users, while the post itself also racked up hundreds of thousands of retweets and likes.

Musk's poll comes after a week of turbulent Twitter activity for the billionaire after the Twitter doxxing disaster that kicked off on December 14.

The whole malarkey saw college student Jack Sweeney suspended from the platform.

Musk then went on to suspend several journalists who had written about Sweeney's ban from the social media platform.

But, in the wake of all the hoo-ha and Musk's doomed poll, the billionaire still reckons it'll be tough to replace him as Twitter's 'chief Twit'.

Many had suggested he had conducted this poll knowing full well who would take his place, but Musk said the opposite is the case at the moment.

While responding to someone on Twitter, Elon wrote: "No one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive. There is no successor."

He added: "The question is not finding a CEO, the question is finding a CEO who can keep Twitter alive."

In another post, Musk added: "Those who want power are the ones who least deserve it."

Well, people, this is where the D-O-double-G comes in.

And no one would ever describe Snoop as power-hungry. He's way too chilled out for that.

Twitter has been approached for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kristoffer Tripplaar / Alamy. AC NewsPhoto / Alamy.

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