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Shakira seemingly hits out at ex Gerard Pique’s new girlfriend in new interview

Shakira seemingly hits out at ex Gerard Pique’s new girlfriend in new interview

Shakira has opened up about her split in a new interview

Shakira seemingly hits out at ex Gerard Pique’s new girlfriend in an interview for Mexican TV.

The 46-year-old singer split with the 36-year-old former Barcelona and Spain footballer last summer after an 11 year relationship.

Pique has since officially started a new relationship with 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti, and Shakira apparently saved some of her anger whilst speaking to journalist Enrique Acevedo.

On her own position, she explained how she now feels ‘strengthened’ after the painful split, and how she has given up on the ‘story’ that a woman needs a man.

“I now feel complete because I depend on myself,” she said.

Shakira and Gerard Pique were together for more than a decade.
WENN Rights Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo

The Colombian singer even seemingly had a dig at Pique’s new woman in a recent song with Argentinian DJ Bizarrap that was released last month.

Now, she told the journalist: “There is a place in hell reserved for women who don’t support other women.”

When asked about the controversy that came with that song, she said: “I am [standing] right in the centre.

“I also bought that story, that a woman needed a man to complete herself.

“I also had that dream of a family where the children had a mum and dad under the same roof.

“You don’t achieve all your dreams in life but life has a way of compensating you and I think life has certainly done it with me with the marvellous two children I have who fill me with love every day.”

Now, she says that whilst she has been ‘emotionally quite dependent on men’ she is ‘sufficient on her own’ after the break-up.

Shakira says she now feels 'strengthened' after the split.
Paul Smith/Alamy Stock Photo

She continued: "I have been in love with love and have been able to understand from that story that there is another perspective.

"When a woman has to face the battles of life she comes out super strong.

"When you come out strong is because you understand your own weaknesses and accept your vulnerability.

"Express what you feel, that pain. Because they say the opposite of depression is expression.

"Now, paradoxically, I feel complete. I feel that I depend on myself and I have two children that depend on me so I have to be stronger than a lioness."

Shakira added 'that strength in order to be true and not a facade', it has to be a result of 'surviving a duel, to accept it, to tolerate the frustration'.

"There are things in life that don't come out as you want." she said.

"There are broken dreams and you have to pick up the pieces from the floor and start again.

"And I also want to be an example for my kids- to show what you can survive, these battles of life."

Pique recently confirmed his relationship with Clara Chia Marti.
Instagram/Gerard Pique

In the song she wrote, Shakira seemingly took aim at Clara, writing lyrics comparing herself to a Rolex watch, whilst Clara is a ‘Casio’.

She also wrote the lyric ‘I’m worth two 22s’ in reference to the fact that Clara was 22-years-old at the time she reportedly started her relationship with Pique, whilst Shakira was 44-years-old.

Her jibes continues, as she also recently filmed a TikTok video in which she mimed along to SZA’s song 'Kill Bill' in which she mouthed the lyrics ‘I might kill my ex’.

That was on Valentine’s Day this year, so things are clearly still a little bit raw for her.

Although, after more than a decade of a relationship coming to an abrupt and bitter end, it would be pretty harsh to blame her.

Featured Image Credit: Estrellas / @3gerardpique / Instagram

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