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Seth Rogen recalls moment Sacha Baron Cohen was almost killed while filming Ali G Show

Seth Rogen recalls moment Sacha Baron Cohen was almost killed while filming Ali G Show

Seth Rogen has explained a crazy experience he had with Sacha Baron Cohen on Da Ali G Show

Seth Rogen has recounted a crazy experience he had with Sacha Baron Cohen on Da Ali G Show.

At just 22 years old, Da Ali G Show was Seth's first big break as a writer and, given that he was working with the king of chaos Sacha, it seems only fitting that he has some wild stories about that time.

Namely, Sacha is the only person Seth knows that 'truly risks his life for his art.'

The topic of Sacha came up on Hot Ones when host Sean Evans asked Seth about a tweet he wrote praising the Ali G star.

Seth's tweet read: "I’m excited for you all to see #Borat2 Sacha hired me to write on Da Ali G Show when I was 22 years old and has been an incredible inspiration to me ever since. He’s the only person I know who truly risks his life for his art, and we’re all better off for it."

Anyone who's watched Da Ali G Show or Borat knows that Sacha has a habit of getting himself into some pretty dangerous, not very nice, situations but according to Seth he 'never breaks character'.

When asked if he was ever worried about Sacha's 'well-being' on the show, Seth said: "Yes, lots of times. We went to Spring Break, kind of mixing with really drunk, aggro frat guys."

Rogen went on to explain that there was even a point where Sacha had to 'run away'.

"I remember that was one where he was like, almost getting killed and he ran away but he was wearing his mic and so you could still hear him.

Seth explained that Sacha never broke character.
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"And he stayed in character the whole time. And he was Bruno and the whole time he was like 'they're going to kill me, they're going to kill me,' and he's like hiding in a shop, and he's like 'sorry!' and you hear him talking to a shop owner like asking if he can hide and he never broke character the entire time. But he like was legitimately running out of fear for his, his, his well-being."

Fans were quick to share similar anecdotes they'd heard about the star, with one commenting: "In the latest movie he got drunk and passed out in the toilet. They went to look for him and he woke up in character and carried on."

While another added: "Didn't Sacha's wife almost divorce him because she couldn't live with Bruno anymore?"

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