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Church of Satan responds after Sam Smith and Kim Petras' Grammys performance criticized for being 'satanic'

Church of Satan responds after Sam Smith and Kim Petras' Grammys performance criticized for being 'satanic'

Amid backlash from conservatives for 'worshipping Satan', David Harris, magister for the Church of Satan, has spoken

The verdict from the Church of Satan about Sam Smith and Kim Petras' controversial Grammys performance is in and it's a resounding 'meh'.

The pop duo took the stage by storm with a performance of their hit song 'Unholy' complete with dancing devils in red leather and flames across the stage while Petras was locked away in a cage.

Commentators across the world have reacted to the Grammy-winning song's performance with mixed views. Piers Morgan said on Sky News Australia that it appears as though Smith - who identifies as non-binary - now identified as 'Satan', while the Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk - who definitely has a lot bigger things to worry about - took to his social media platform to share how unimpressed he was with the performance.

“If that’s Satan, we have nothing to worry about," he quipped.

Sam Smith took to the stage dressed in a devil-inspired costume.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

Meanwhile, other conservatives gave their two cents on social media following the 65th Grammy Awards ceremony, with some even calling it ‘devil worshipping’ and Texas Senator Ted Cruz tweeting: “This…is…evil.”

On her SiriusXM podcast, Megyn Kelly also attacked the performance for ‘celebrating Satan’.

Frankly, what would you expect from a song called 'Unholy'?

While you'd be forgiven for thinking such an extravagant display would go down a treat with the foreboding group, that's apparently not the case at all.

In what may come as a huge blow for Smith and Petras, David Harris, magister for the Church of Satan, told TMZ that the performance was just 'alright' and 'nothing particularly special'.

David Harris wasn't impressed.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

Now that's savage.

Harris, who holds a lot of authority and is essentially a cardinal in the Church of Satan, doubled down on his lack of interest in the live rendition of the track, adding that the red outfits, fire and devil horns are all kind of passé now.

This is Drag Race-worthy shade.

Harris did give his sign of approval to another depiction of the antichrist, in the Lil Nas X music video for 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)' in which the rapper gives the devil a lap dance before killing him and taking his crown. The Church of Satan figure called the clip - which similarly drew criticism from conservatives after its release in 2021 - more provocative than Smith and Petras at the Grammys.

The Church of Satan approves of Lil Nas X's 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)' video.

Satanists don't actually worship Satan and they don't believe in the afterlife, which is why they claim the Lil Nas X video is more in line with its philosophies, where individuals are their own Gods.

Smith and Petras may be very happy to hear that the Church of Satan isn't worshipping them or their performance. That being said, we now need to get all three musicians in a room to discuss Harris' comments ASAP.

Featured Image Credit: CBS/Wikimedia CC4.0

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