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Russell Crowe says we may ‘never hear from him again’ as he discusses Hollywood future
Featured Image Credit: Gabriel Kuchta / Ivan Romano / Getty Images

Russell Crowe says we may ‘never hear from him again’ as he discusses Hollywood future

The actor is nearing the age of 60 and considering his future

Russell Crowe has been discussing what the future holds for his career in acting, among other things, at a recent film festival.

According to Variety the 59-year-old was at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Czech Republic, when he opened up on a number of topics he wanted to talk about.

First off he'd like to stop being asked about Gladiator 2, since he's not in it and doesn't really know any major details about the movie.

Crowe reportedly said someone 'should be f**king paying me for the amount of questions I am asked about a film I am not even in'.

He doesn't know who's been cast in it or what the film's plot will be since his character is very much dead at the end of the first one, though he reckons Ridley Scott 'must have had very strong reasons' to go back for a sequel after all this time.

He also spoke a bit about Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, AKA one of the greatest movies of all time which we could have had so much more of in a better world.

The 59-year-old spoke at a recent film festival about the possibility that we might never see him again.
Gabriel Kuchta/Getty Images

However, one of the other things he wanted to talk about was what the future looked like for Russell Crowe when he was approaching the age of 60.

Age comes for us all and Crowe has said it's possible that 'you will never hear from me again' at some point as he might just stop all this showbiz stuff.

He said: "You are standing in front of the mirror, and go: ‘Who the f**k is that?’

"I am in that period now. I will take Ridley Scott as my role model: he is still discovering new things in his work."

"Or I will just stop and you will never hear from me again. I haven’t decided what it’s going to be. These are two very valid choices."

Russell Crowe would like to stop being asked about Gladiator 2, because he's not in it.
Ivan Romano/Getty Images

That's not to say that Crowe is going to be disappearing any time soon, not with the number of projects he's got in the pipeline.

There's things like Kraven the Hunter and The Georgetown Project that he's completed work on, while his upcoming jobs include Rothko, American Son and A Taste for Blood.

As for his time on Gladiator, Crowe once revealed that a particular scene where his character Maximus is thinking of his wife and child was created on the night of filming.

Meanwhile, production on Gladiator 2 continues though several people were reportedly injured filming an action sequence.

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