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Riley Reid reveals she once made an astonishing $12,000 for one day of shooting

Riley Reid reveals she once made an astonishing $12,000 for one day of shooting

The admission was made on a 2018 episode of Logan Paul's podcast, Impaulsive.

In 2018, American adult actor Riley Reid revealed that she once made a jaw-dropping sum of $12,000 (£9,300) for just one day's worth of content filming.

Appearing on episode eight of the Impaulsive podcast, Riley Reid, 31, told hosts Logan Paul, 28, Mike Majlak, 38, and George Janko, 30, about her most lucrative paycheck to date.

When asked if she was 'making good money' while working in the adult industry, the actor replied: “The most I’ve gotten from one day… I think $12,000 for one day on a shoot.

Reid then went on to state that although shooting pays well, and she gets paid per view via online platforms, filming content 'isn’t necessarily the bulk' of her wages.

“Like, that’s just from one shoot but I monetise myself in a lot of different ways," she said.

A video from the chat in 2018 has recently resurfaced on TikTok and it has caused a number of users to discuss the alleged sum.

One platform user wrote: “Stop disrespecting the lady. She has talent and therefore she got paid.”

Riley Reid made the admission on Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast.
YouTube/Impaulsive podcast.

Another said: “Oh snap, she probably making $300K a month, what a high-value woman I supposed.”

A third commented: “Answer is no. Much better on (sic) OnlyFans.”

However, some viewers weren’t too impressed with the discussion that Reid and co. were having.

One said: “Wasn’t she whining that her family won’t speak to her anymore?! This is the cost of monetising your body.”

A second wrote: “And she have a husband and baby, What does her husband say to her when he comes home from the (sic) shoot?”

Another sarcastically stated: “I’m glad we can have intellectual discussions about real problems in modern society. I was starting to lose hope.

As well as starring in videos for various online platforms, the 31-year-old runs her own OnlyFans account where she posts exclusive videos and sends private messages to clients.

In 2022, the Mail Online estimated that Reid was earning up to $570,000 (£443,000) per month via the site.

Elsewhere, Riley owns her own social media marketing agency that represents 'elite content creators' as well as her own clothing brand, EIGHTEEN•PLUS.

As well as being a multi-hyphenate creator, the Florida native is also a mother to her only daughter, Emma.

She gave birth to her first child in July 2022 - a year after marrying her husband, Pasha Petkuns, in an intimate Los Angeles ceremony.

Riley gave birth to daughter, Emma, in 2021.

Petkuns - real name Pavel Petkuns - is a Latvian free runner and the first person to win three consecutive Red Bull Art of Motion Free Running Championships.

In 2021, Riley said that her husband was her first boyfriend who was 'proud' of her job.

“I’ve had two ‘normal’ boyfriends in my adult life, normal being they don’t do porn. Both of which ended in an ultimatum, porn or them.

“I always chose porn. I’ve struggled with that choice though, wondering if I’ve made the right decision.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ActressHub/Instagram/letrileylive

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