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Rihanna slammed after doing 'bare minimum $6.3 million performance' at Indian wedding gig
Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@fentyxg4l/TikTok/@diet_paratha

Rihanna slammed after doing 'bare minimum $6.3 million performance' at Indian wedding gig

Rihanna's fans have turned on her for giving a very mid performance after being paid millions for a 90-minute set.

Rihanna has cemented herself as one of the biggest music stars of the modern era... and she is being absolutely slated for her latest performance.

Now, Rihanna is widley considered the GOAT of her music era. But despite this, fans have been roasting her for one of her latest performances.

The pop star recently performed a pre-wedding gig for the son of India's richest man, and was reportedly paid just over $6.3 million for a 90-minute set, so you would be forgiven for thinking RiRi gave it her absolute all.

Footage of Rihanna’s performance has since hit social media and fans have slammed the hitmaker for her apparent low-effort and low energy performance. Have a look:

The wedding was for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant - Anant‘s father, Mukesh Ambani, has a net worth of $114 billion.

The pre-wedding do had over 1,000 invitees, from the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to Ivanka Trump.

Anyway, a clip of the 'Umbrella' star's performance that has been doing the rounds on X has been viewed more than 2.5 million times, and had one user simply saying ‘Rihanna just don’t give a f**k’.

“People acting like Rihanna hasn’t always performed like this… I LOVE Rihanna but I always tell people her concerts have been some of the most boring I’ve been to,” one fan wrote.

“Never has [cared] lol, that check must have cleared before the performance. She said at least I showed tf up,” another user joked.

Other video footage of the performance has also made its way to Reddit where fans were not much kinder.

“She pretty much has lost any interest to be a performer. Which is good for her because she’s now a mother but bad for us,” another fan added.

Other video footage of the performance has also made its way to Reddit, where fans weren't much kinder.

“Me and my cousins when we were 12 putting on a 'talent show' in the living room for the fam went harder,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Should’ve flown Tom holland in and do his umbrella routine. 1.000.000x more energy, joked another.

“I used to think that Rihanna just didn't care about her performances but then I realized she's just bad at it and she has a big enough ego while being insulated by yes people that she doesn't see that she's below average in this area,” a third wrote.

All pretty tough criticism - however, there were some fans who defended the music star.

Many fans pointed to the rumour that Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky are expecting their her third child.

If this is true, and depending on how far along she is, she might not exactly be able to give it her all.

Even so, fans have been left unimpressed, to put it mildly.

LADbible Group has contacted a representative for Rihanna for comment.

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