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Reason Conor McGregor sprayed mascot after punching him on the ground
Featured Image Credit: ESPN

Reason Conor McGregor sprayed mascot after punching him on the ground

The Miami Heat mascot had to be taken to the ER following the critical hit.

During Game Four of Miami Heat versus Denver Nuggets, Conor McGregor punched Miami’s mascot to the ground.

And despite the consequences, the reason wasn't as sinister as you might think.

The game, which happened yesterday (June 10), resulted in the Denver Nuggets taking home the glory with a 108 point win.

However, that's not what caused a stir during the match.

Conor McGregor face to face with Burnie the mascot.

'The Notorious' McGregor attended the game to play a skit, to promote his new pain relief spray called 'TIDL Sport'.

The intention was that McGregor would guide the Miami Heat mascot into the centre of court before hitting him with signature left cross move.

Unfortunately, the hit seemingly proved to be detrimental to the person inside the mascot costume, leaving them floored and even knocking their hair off.

Though the first punch looked to be staged, what came after has shocked viewers.

Burnie, who was already on the floor at this point, was then hit square in the face with a rather brutal-looking punch.

McGregor knocked the mascot off his feet.

Whether the second hit was scripted or not, Burnie lay on the floor before being helped off the court by staff.

“Oh mercy Burnie you’re going to need some TIDL yourself baby,” the announcer can be heard saying.

The mascot could be seen being dragged across the floor while McGregor sprayed the mascot with his pain relief formula.

An unusual scenario indeed.

Senior NBA Writer, Sam Amick, says that the man inside the Burnie costume was taken to the ER, where he was checked over by a doctor before being given pain medication and was sent home.

The skit wasn't as well received as hoped, with some fans even booing McGregor as he made his way off to sit at the side of the court.

As the bit began, Burnie took to the court with giant boxing gloves on and McGregor was then sent in to jostle with the mascot.

The clip, which has been shared to Twitter, has received mixed reviews from viewers.

Staff at the game had to drag the mascot off the court.

"Damnnn bro" one commenter said, while others commented on the absurdity of the situation.

"The man is knocked out and McGregor is spraying him and he’s being dragged off the floor." someone else wrote.

While others are concerned for the man's welfare and believed that McGregor's actions should have been dealt with accordingly.

One concerned user asked: "Why wasn't he arrested?" while another said: "Connor deserves little respect."

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