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Pierce Brosnan gives wife Keely 60 red roses for her 60th birthday

Pierce Brosnan gives wife Keely 60 red roses for her 60th birthday

The former 007 star said he was so 'blessed' so have such an amazing partner.

Pierce Brosnan has given his wife Keely a very special gift to help her celebrate a milestone birthday.

The former 007 actor forked out loads of money to ensure she had so many red roses that she didn't know what to do with them.

He revealed that he got her 60 flowers to mark 60 years of age.

"Sixty roses for my brown eyed girl on her 60th birthday," he said on Instagram.

"Forever happy and blessed was I to be sitting there when you walked around the corner early one morning in Cabo San Lucas."

Fans were blown away in the comments section and many wished Keely a very happy birthday.

One said: "You are blessed with a great husband. Some should take lessons."

Another added: "She’s 60? Oh my god, she’s so beautiful."

A third wrote: "Beautiful tribute, beautiful wife! Happy 60th Ms. Keely. Cheers to many, many more!"

The pair first met in 1994 and went on to get married in 2001. They have two children together, and also have brought up Pierce's three children which he shared with his first wife, Cassandra Harris, who tragically died from cancer in 1991.

Brosnan has been an absolute legend of a husband over the years.

One time, the ex-James Bond star lashed out at social media trolls who criticized Keely's weight.

Addressing the body-shamers, the 70-year-old wrote: “Friends offered her surgery to reduce her weight. But I strongly love every curve of her body.

"She is the most beautiful woman in my eyes. And also because she had our five children.

"In the past, I truly loved her for her person, not only for her beauty, and now I’m loving her even more that she is my children’s mother.

"And I am very proud of her, and I always seek to be worthy of her love.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Pierce Brosnan

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