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Paula Abdul says American Idol had to cut scene where Simon Cowell horrifically fat-shamed contestant

Paula Abdul says American Idol had to cut scene where Simon Cowell horrifically fat-shamed contestant

Abdul couldn't believe the scene had been cut

Singer Paula Abdul has claimed American Idol producers once had to cut a scene from the show in which Simon Cowell fat-shamed one of the hopeful contestants.

Cowell joined the singing show as a judge from its very first season in 2002, when he sat on the panel alongside Abdul and music manager Randy Jackson.

Abdul worked on the show until 2009 and Cowell's own exit officially came the following year, but in spite of their years spent sitting side by side on American Idol, Abdul has made clear they didn't always see eye-to-eye.

Paula Abdul indicated Simon Cowell was tough to work with.
YouTube/ Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

In fact, the singer made some bold claims about Cowell as she appeared on the podcast Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum this week.

Rosenbaum indicated that he knew Abdul might not want to talk about her former co-worker, but asked her whether she'd ever 'confronted' Cowell or attempted to 'make it cool' with him.

Abdul responded to say that she was used to working in high pressure environments, but that live reality TV was for her a 'brand new thing'.

As a result, she was left stunned when she realised a harsh comment Cowell allegedly made towards a contestant had been cut from the show.

She recalled telling her family: "Guys wait until you hear what Simon says and how I defend this amazing girl... This is the most insane statement you could ever make. All you have to say is 'you look like a fat version of Jessica Simpson'? How can you say that?"

Rosenbaum responded to confirm whether it was Cowell who'd allegedly made that statement, to which Abdul said: "Oh yes... and all of that's cut."

The only part of the scene that stayed in, Abdul claimed, was a comment in which the contestant was called 'pretty'.

The singer has previously spoken about Cowell's harsh nature in the judging chair during an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, where she spoke with the singer after she placed seventh on Season 3 of American Idol.

Hudson praised Abdul for her work as a judge, saying: “I have to say you were always extra-supportive on the show. She used to get us gifts and stuff, y’all, which was very encouraging. You were the softness of it all that kept us — at least I would like to think — grounded.”

Referring to Cowell, Abdul responded: “Someone had to be. It wasn’t gonna be the guy to the left of me,” referring to Cowell.

Hudson agreed as she said Cowell 'wasn't too nice', to which Hudson responded: “Welcome to my world for a decade.”

UNILAD has contacted representatives for Cowell for comment.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum/ Maximum Film / Alamy

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