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Olivia Dunne reveals the most money she’s ever been paid for a sponsored post

Olivia Dunne reveals the most money she’s ever been paid for a sponsored post

Sponsorship posts are everywhere on social media, with one influencer revealing the most she has even been paid for a single one.

We all know that influencers can bring home mega money every week thanks to sponsorship deals.

While a lot of social media users get pretty frustrated by sponsored content from their favourite influencers, you will probably understand why they do it after finding out how much money they make.

College gymnast Olivia Dunne is one of those that makes a fair bit of dollar using her name, image and likeness (NIL).

In recent months, she has amassed over 7.6 million followers on TikTok and over four million on Instagram.

As with any popular influencer, fans are eagerly following Dunne's life as she rises in popularity.

Dunne has actually only being able to make a fortune through sponsorship deals due to new rules that came into play in July 2021.

Olivia Dunne has revealed the most she has made from a single sponsored post.

Before then, college players were unable to receive commercial payments, with such deals bringing suspensions and school sanctions.

While Dunne is a specialist on the gymnast bars, her social media posts usually relate to lifestyle and her modelling career.

The influencer's total NIL deals are said to be worth more than $3.2 million, which looks set to only rise later this year.

Her massive social media following has also allowed her to document her rehab process to fans as she continues to recover from a string of injuries.

But while she may be off the gymnast stage for now, Dunne has become the highest-valued female college athlete.

And speaking on the Full Send Podcast last week, Dunne was pressed on how much she makes from a single sponsored Instagram post.

"I usually don't ever talk about money, but... I would say, six figures," she said.

The gymnast has become the highest-valued female college athlete.

The host then asked Dunne if her earnings were under under $500,000, to which she shook her head, before nodding when asked if it was over half a million.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm very fortunate. It's just crazy to me," she said.

Dunne has suggested she may go to being a full-time influencer when she leaves college, though her final decision is not set in stone.

"I want to show young girls that you can have it all, and you don’t need to choose between whatever it is you’re passionate about," she recently told Sports Illustrated.

"You can be passionate about music, art. You don’t need to pick and choose. You can do it all and be successful. I think you need to set your own expectations for success and dream big."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@livvydunne

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