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Two and a Half Men child star spotted in rare public appearance after quitting acting following religious awakening

Two and a Half Men child star spotted in rare public appearance after quitting acting following religious awakening

The former child actor was scarcely recognisable

The former star of sitcom Two and a Half Men has been spotted in a rare public appearance since he left the show.

The former child actor turned his back on the show, even calling it 'filth', and left acting altogether after finding religion, though he has since hinted he may be open to returning.

Charlie Sheen and Angus T Jones in Two and a Half Men.

Angus T. Jones, now aged 29, naturally looks very different from his appearance in Two and a Half Men.

He was seen out and about walking across a parking lot in the August heat. His bushy beard was a far cry from the boyish features fans of Two and Half Men will be familiar with, and he looked barely recognisable.

He landed his role on the show when he was only nine years old, alongside Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen.

His ten years on Two and a Half Men saw him witness Sheen's public descent into addiction, which eventually saw Sheen fired from the show in 2011. He was replaced with Ashton Kutcher.

However, Jones confessed that he came to find working on the show 'awkward'.

In 2012 on stage at Paleyfest, he said: "I am with these people on set that I have been with since I was eight years old."

He also revealed that he was uncomfortable with 'doing the adult thing when I am still not an adult'.

He added: "I mean, I am 18, but I am not an adult."

Angus T Jones out and about.

Jones was later baptised into a Christian ministry called the Forerunner Chronicles, and then announced that he wanted to quit the sitcom which had made him a household name.

He even urged people to not watch the show, saying: "Stop watching it and filling your head with filth."

He added that he wanted to leave the show because he wanted to avoid 'contributing to the enemy’s plan'.

Jones headed to University in Colorado. At first he majored there in environmental studies, but later switched the Jewish studies.

However, he wasn't completely done with Two and Half Men just yet. In 2015 he agreed to appear in the series finale for the show.

In 2016, his religious views had changed further.

He told People: "Over the last three years I’ve been involved with various faith-based organisations. Right now, I’m stepping away from the organisational business-model programs.

"I’m interested in seeing where I go without an organisation putting a stamp of approval on if I’m good or bad or whatever."

But it seems that Jones is not entirely closed off to the notion of acting now, confessing that despite his departure, filming the finale 'kind of showed me how much I did like it', and he even said the door is open to him acting again.

Featured Image Credit: Mega/CBS

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