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Nicolas Cage Reveals How Much He Spent On A Two-Headed Snake
Featured Image Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Nicolas Cage Reveals How Much He Spent On A Two-Headed Snake

The actor spent a whopping amount of money on the rare reptile

In his first interview on a national TV talk show for 14 years, Nicolas Cage has revealed the gobsmacking amount he spent on a two-headed snake.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Nicolas Cage made his return to TV interviews and admitted it was 'a big night' for him before opening up about his strange shopping habits.

The star, whose new movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent hits cinemas tomorrow (22 April), revealed the incredible sum he spent on a two-headed snake, as well as nearly investing in a bat cave.

Watch the video here:

The 58-year-old actor explained: "I was dreaming about two-headed eagles. One night I had this dream and then the next day my manager at the time got a phone call saying , 'I've got a two-headed snake that I found in Northridge and I think your client Nic Cage would be interested.'

"I won't mention how much it cost as that's going to go everywhere."

This came after Cage relayed a wild anecdote about how he had won $20,000 (£15,000) on roulette tables from a £200 (£150) stake, handed the money in cash to an orphanage in Nassau Harbour, and never gambled again.

Cage admitted the sum he spent on the snake was 'four times the amount' he donated to the orphanage with his roulette winnings, putting the reptile's price tag in the region of $80,000 (£61,000).

This was actor Nicholas Cage's first TV interview in over a decade.

The actor went on to explain his new pet was not a peaceful one, and ultimately became too difficult for Cage to look after.

Speaking of the uneasy relationship between the snake's two heads, Cage said: "They would fight. One head was more dominant than the other. Why? It was going to the same stomach.

"But I would have to put a spatula between the two heads to feed them and it just got a little too freaky for me.

"So I took it to the Audubon Zoo… It lived for 14 years and it died just recently."

Actor Nicholas Cage and host Jimmy Kimmel discussed some of Cage's weirdest shopping habits.

If that conversation wasn't strange enough, the star also revealed how he nearly purchased an actual bat cave whilst he was busy filming one of the National Treasure movies.

He heard of the bizarre listing while filming and went to go and see it.

He said: "There are all these stalactites and all these milky quartz-like crystalline walls.

"At the time, I was married. It looked like unfiltered sake.

"I thought, 'I want to buy this and just go down to the bottom of the cave and get totally naked with my wife and drink'."

Thankfully for Cage, he didn't end up purchasing the bizarre 'property'.

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