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YouTuber Twomad's chilling tweet just weeks before he died aged 23
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Twomad

YouTuber Twomad's chilling tweet just weeks before he died aged 23

"There ain't no way."

Warning: This article contains allegations of sexual assault which some readers may find distressing.

The YouTuber posted several tweets about 'dying' several weeks before he passed away.

Twomad - who's real name is Muudea Sedik - was found having passed away at his home in Los Angeles on 13 February.

The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner confirmed the 23-year-old's passing.

Followers of the YouTuber have since flooded to social media after spotting several tweets on his X account just weeks before he passed away.

The YouTuber passed away on 13 February.
YouTube/ @twomad

After Sedik missed several appointments and was unable to be contacted, authorities were requested to conduct a welfare check on his home.

They arrived to find the YouTuber unresponsive.

Sedik had over two million followers on YouTube and collaborated with fellow social media star Belle Delphine in 2022.

Despite not posting on his main YouTube channel in over a year, Sedik posted on his X account in the weeks leading up to his death.

Sedik had more than 2 million followers on YouTube.

On 22 January, Sedik took to his X account writing: "Dying at 90? Nah I'm too strong nah I'd win."

A user responded, writing: "Twomad dead at 23."

The YouTube replied to the user stating: "No."

And the tweets have left fans of the star feeling spooked.

One user wrote: "There ain't no way."

"Yooo, peeps be tossin' age spells like they hot potatoes! But why we playin' fate games, tho? Life's a trip, let's not rush the tour, aight?" Another added.

A third said: "@TheyAlreadyKnew."

The YouTuber spoke about dying weeks before his passing.
X/ @twomad

More recently, Sedik posted tweets including, 'I WANT YOU TO NOTICEEEE,' 'ride that rollercoaster little one' and 'should i read books about terminally ill people experiences.'

Fans of the star have commented on the latter post from 9 February spooked by the 'foreshadowing'.

One user added: "Sad to see a lot of online celebrities foreshadow their thoughts and brush it off. Seen to many of these. Rest in piece."

In one of the YouTuber's tweets from 27 January, he said: "Saying happy new year when you have terminal cancer is crazy. I HAVE ONE MORE YEAR TO LIVE YAYYYY."

TMZ reported that drug paraphernalia was found at the scene of Sedik's death.

However, Sedik's cause of death has not yet been released by police, with medical examiner records reviewed by E! News saying the ruling has been deferred.

The YouTuber collaborated with Belle Delphine.
Instagram/ @twomad360

Since news of Sedik's passing broke, osu! player Goldibell has taken to her X account.

Goldibell previously accused the YouTuber of sexual assault and stalking - allegations he'd publicly denied, writing on X: "Never sexually assaulted nobody in my life."

On 14 February, she wrote: "I'm not celebrating, I hope his family is ok, though I'm sure they aren't. Losing your child is tragic no matter the circumstances."

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