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First trailer for American Horror Story with Kim Kardashian has been released
Featured Image Credit: FX

First trailer for American Horror Story with Kim Kardashian has been released

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As we approach spooky season, the first trailer of American Horror Story with Kim Kardashian has dropped.

The highly-anticipated horror series will feature the reality star along returning cast such as Emma Roberts.

Showrunners have even teased that the part has been specially written for the influencer. Take a look below:

The latest season of the horror anthology show will be entitled AHS: Delicate.

It pretty understandable as the trailer centres around mums, with Roberts appearing as struggling A-lister who is desperate to become a mom.

Based on Danielle Valentine’s book Delicate Condition, the series will see the A-List actress become convinced demonic forces are trying to stop her pregnancy.

In addition to the returning cast, Kim Kardashian is also sharping her acting chops as she stars in the last series alongside supermodel, Cara Delevingne.

Showrunner Ryan Murphy told the Hollywood Reporter that the role had been designed for the reality star, adding: "[Halley Feiffer] has written a fun, stylish and ultimately terrifying role especially for Kim, and this season is ambitious and unlike anything we have ever done."

The long-awaited AHS spin-off will air on September 20, with a Halloween special also dropping in late October.

So get ready to scream your lungs out, as AHS: Delicate arrives on Hulu later this month.

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