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Tory Lanez has been sentenced to 10 years jail for shooting ex-lover Megan Thee Stallion

Tory Lanez has been sentenced to 10 years jail for shooting ex-lover Megan Thee Stallion

He was convicted on three charges relating to the 2020 shooting last December.

Tory Lanez has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for shooting his ex-lover Megan Thee Stallion.

The Canadian rapper was convicted last year on three charges related to the 2020 shooting.

The 31-year-old has been in jail since December awaiting today's sentencing hearing.

During the trial, the jury heard that on the drive home from Kylie Jenner’s pool party on the night of July 11, 2020, Megan Thee Stallion insulted Lanez‘s musical talent.

As an argument escalated, Megan demanded to be let out of the car.

She testified that she heard Lanez shout 'dance' before he fired five rounds at her.

The 28-year-old got back into vehicle, which was stopped by police just minutes later.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images for MCM

Lanez was arrested and spent the night in jail, but was released the next day on bail.

Megan told the court Lanez offered her $1 million to keep quiet about the incident but another passenger texted her security detail, saying: "Help... Tory shot Meg".

In December last year, Lanez was convicted of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, having a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle and discharging a firearm with gross negligence.

Prosecutors were hoping to put him behind bars for at least 13 years, but his family and supporters had been pushing for a lighter sentence.

In the years since the shooting, both Megan Thee Stallion and Lanez have released songs that reference it.

In 'Shots Fired,' Megan raps: “Imagine… lying about shooting just to save face.

“I be speaking facts, they can’t handle that / they want me to be the bad guy."

In 'Money Over Fallout,' Lanez says: “Megan people trying to frame me for a shooting.”

“Girl, you had the nerve to write that statement on that affidavit / knowing I ain't do it but I'm coming at my truest.”

Just before the judge handed down the decade-long sentence, Tory pleaded for leniency.

"Give me some sort of alternative that is not prison. I can be a much better man in my community," he said.

"I’m not standing before you as a celebrity. I stand her as a genuine person who wants a chance. My child needs me - I want to better myself.

"I want a chance to show the world that the man you see here today is not the real me.

"I’m not expecting preferential treatment. But, your honor I’m genuinely asking you with my heart to put me to the test, to give me an opportunity."

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