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Taylor Swift criticized for using private jet to travel a 28 minute drive
Featured Image Credit: Hector Vivas/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management/Twitter @SwiftJetNextDay

Taylor Swift criticized for using private jet to travel a 28 minute drive

She was in the air for just 13 minutes

Taylor Swift has come under fire after it was revealed she took a private jet journey that saw her in flight for a mere 13 minutes.

Now, if the journey was only possible by air then it might be understandable, but the journey has been disputed as covering just 28 miles, with many pointing out that Taylor's trip could have been possible via car rather than getting in her energy consuming private jet that will no doubt be emitting a larger carbon footprint.

Of course, the 'Cruel Summer' singer is known to frequent the skies in her private jet.

Because let's face it, she has a pretty jam-packed schedule with her ongoing Eras Tour alongside trying to squeeze in visits to new boyfriend Travis Kelce.

However, the volume of her private jet journeys have begun to ruffle some feathers... but how exactly do people know about her movements in the air?

An X account called 'Taylor Swift Jets (Tracking)', which goes by the handle @SwiftJetNextDay, does exactly what it says on the tin - tracks Taylor's jet mileage.

The frequent use of private jets amongst celebrities has been coming under scrutiny in recent times.

And recently, the page posted a very short trip as it pointed out details alongside a map screenshot.

The account wrote: "Flew from Cahokia/St Louis, Illinois, US to St Louis, Missouri, US 24 hours ago. Apx. flt. time 13 Mins."

It then followed up with the impact of the trip as it added: "28 mile (24 NM) flight from CPS to SUS. 79 gallons (299 liters). 530 lbs (240 kg) of jet fuel used. $443 cost of fuel. 0.8342 tons of CO2 emissions."

While there's no extra detail on why the 'Shake It Off' singer took the trip or any hints as to if it was related to seeing the Kansas City Chiefs star, the trip has still caused a backlash surrounding her private jet use.

Taylor's private jet took a flight that took just 13 minutes.

Slamming the trip on X, one person wrote: "It's a 30 minute drive. She has enough money that she isn't on anyone's clock. This is eco terrorism."

Another wrote: "13 minutes for a flight is hilarious. This country is doomed," while a third shared: "By the time the plane is level in the air it’s coming back down."

"Surely it takes less time to just drive 28 miles than head to and from airbases and fire up a plane. She could've watched an episode of Vanderpump Rules in that time", said another.

And a fifth posted: "Climate criminal. This is worse than even the Kardashians' private jet use."

Taylor Swift is known to frequent the skies in her private jet.
John Medina/Getty Images

However, one person questioned: "It could be going there or back for aircraft maintenance. How can you tell she was actually on board?"

Another thought similar as they added: "It's possible that it's for parking? Or she rented it to someone? Y'all don't want explanation just want to crucify her."

The criticism around Taylor's journey comes after the star was publicly called out at the end of last year over her CO2 emissions from taking flights.

It was revealed the singer-songwriter’s flights had produced 138 tons of CO2 emissions to date, with many hitting back at the singer for her private jet use.

UNILAD has contacted Taylor Swift's reps for comment.

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