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Police forced to show up as fans flooded New Jersey street where Taylor Swift was spotted

Police forced to show up as fans flooded New Jersey street where Taylor Swift was spotted

Videos of Taylor Swift attending Jack Antonoff's wedding rehearsal dinner in Beach Haven, New Jersey, have gone viral.

Police showed up yesterday after Swifties flooded a US street, eager to catch a glimpse of their idol. Maybe this has gone a bit too far, guys.

Taylor Swift, 33, was present at her friend and producer Jack Antonoff’s wedding rehearsal dinner at the Black Whale restaurant in Beach Haven.

The dinner comes ahead of the 39-year-old's marriage ceremony to Maid actor Margaret Qualley, 28, this weekend.

Stars such as Lana Del Rey, Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum were also in attendance at the New Jersey eatery.

However, when fans spotted the ‘Cruel Summer’ singer arriving at the venue to celebrate, Swifties were sent into a frenzy.

A series of videos have been posted across TikTok that show a plethora of fans rocking up and swarming the New Jersey restaurant.

In one clip posted by platform user @alylouwho, a mass of people could be seen standing outside of the building with their phones out.

Police can be seen trying to control traffic as roads are blocked by the crowds.

In another, shared by TikTok user, Taylor could be seen exiting the restaurant via a stairway with Kravitz, 34, and her boyfriend and Tatum, 43, in tow.

Taylor Swift was seen at the restaurant alongside actor friends Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum.

The Black Whale was also forced to shut its curtains due to desperate fans peeking through the windows to catch a glimpse of their favourite singer.

Following the clips being posted on social media, fans have come out in their droves to discuss the mayhem and the negativity that it spreads.

One Twitter user wrote: “We joke about gatekeeping, but being a Taylor Swift fan was significantly more fun when people treated her like a person instead of a way to create content. This is embarrassing.”

Another said: “I feel so f**king bad for Jack and his wife, it’s their wedding day and all you insane b****** are ruining it for them to be able to say ‘I saw Taylor Swift for two seconds,' like this girl has probably been planning her wedding since she was five and this is how it's going ???”

Police had to control the crowds of Swifties.

A third agreed and wrote: “Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to prevent other people from casually seeing her and sharing her location, but Swifties, especially big update accounts, can and should stop spreading it. This is so weird and dangerous for her.”

Another Twitter user speculated on how Swift will end up dealing with mobs of people like this in the future.

They said: “She is going to pull a Tom Cruise one day and move to a different country only to be seen in public when she’s actively working/promoting and not a second more and never share anything about herself outside of her work and you all will only have yourselves to blame.”

Featured Image Credit: alylouwho/Tiktok

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