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Woman who asked Taylor Swift fan to take picture of her had no idea she was famous celebrity

Woman who asked Taylor Swift fan to take picture of her had no idea she was famous celebrity

The Swiftie thought she recognized her fellow fan, but couldn't quite place her

You know that feeling when you recognize someone, but you just can't quite place them?

It's an annoying feeling, but usually it doesn't have too big of an impact on your life. That is, unless they're a major celebrity and you've completely missed the opportunity to properly meet them.

Unfortunately, Taylor Swift fan and TikToker Neen knows exactly how this feels.

The TikToker went to see Swift on the Los Angeles stop of her Eras Tour earlier this month, and naturally she wanted to document the moment by snapping a few pictures at the gig.

While at the concert with a friend, Neen turned to a 'super nice' Swiftie and asked her if she'd mind taking a photo of her and her friend together at the bottom of their section in the stadium.

As she did so, Neen realized the fan looked 'so much like Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy'.

It's a fun fact, but there are tons of people out there who look like celebrities, surely it was just a coincidental resemblance?

Neen wrote on TikTok: "We didn’t realize until she was taking our photo and then we were way too scared to ask in case we were wrong."

As it turns out though, the fans weren't wrong.

A very famous person took this picture.

It wasn't until later that Neen realized she actually had been talking to the woman who plays Cristina Yang in the long-running medical series; none other than Sandra Oh.

In case you're not a fan of Grey's Anatomy, you might know Oh from The Princess Diaries, Killing Eve, The Chair or Umma, to name a few.

The Canadian-American actor is a very big star, but Neen only knew for sure that it was her after Oh shared a picture of herself at the gig.

"Confirmation we literally asked Sandra Oh to take our picture," Neen wrote as she recalled the encounter on TikTok.

Sandra Oh shared a snap of herself at the concert.

Viewers were left stunned by her accidental celebrity run-in, with many people struggling to believe that Neen didn't recognize the star.


Another commented: "No way did you just brush past the fact it was Sandra Oh like oh my god. The dream."

Though Neen might have approached the situation differently if she knew for sure she was speaking to Oh, many fans have expressed belief Oh was probably happy to be 'treated normally' and enjoy the concert as just another Taylor Swift fan.

Featured Image Credit: tiktok/secondhandsroom/swifferupdates

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