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Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell directly asked if they're dating in 'awkward' question from interviewer

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell directly asked if they're dating in 'awkward' question from interviewer

Sweeney and Powell get up-close and personal in their new movie, Anyone But You

Film fans have described feeling 'secondhand embarrassment' after Anyone But You actors Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell were asked outright whether there was any real-life romance between them.

Actors make an entire living out of, well, acting, but many stars are known to draw on real life to help improve their performances.

That's the idea Hoda Kotb seemed to have in mind when she spoke with Sweeney and Powell ahead of the release of their new rom-com Anyone But You, in which the pair experience a 'fiery attraction'.

Sweeney and Powell take on the roles of Bea and Ben, whose attraction turns cold before they find themselves reunited at a destination wedding.

The two actors spoke about their work on the film during an appearance on the Today Show, where host Kotb began to poke at the possibility of a real attraction between the co-stars.

"Can I ask a question? I have to ask because there's chemistry sitting here," she began.

Sweeney and Powell insisted there was no romance between them.

Kotb went on to gesture to the two stars, asking: "Is there - is this like a little romance?"

At this point, it's worth bearing in mind that Sweeney is engaged to her partner of many years, Jonathan Davino, making the comment a little awkward.

Thankfully both stars took the comment well, and laughed in response to the idea of them dating.

Powell quickly jumped in with a response, saying: "No. But we do love each other."

The actor went on to heap praise on his co-star, saying: "Honestly, this is one of the most spectacular humans I've ever met. She's incredible."

Kotb seemed happy with the response, but people watching the interview were left cringing after listening to her line of questioning.

Sweeney and Powell star as Ben and Bea in Anyone But You.
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"I got secondhand embarrassment from watching this. Helppppp," one person wrote.

Another commented: "why would she ask that?"

However, while not all viewers were on board with Kotb's question, there are some fans who praised her directness in the interview.

One complimentary X user said of the reporter: "She’s asking what we are all thinking. she’s a brave soldier in a world full of cowards."

Though Kotb didn't get any confirmation of a romance between Powell and Sweeney, she stressed that the pair are 'so cute together'.

"I just wanna say that I'm glad that you guys are in this movie together, y'all are adorable," she added.

Whether you agree with Kotb's question or not, you can check out Sweeney and Powell's chemistry for yourself in Anyone But You when it releases on December 22.

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