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Netflix drops first trailer for series with Sofía Vergara as drug cartel boss Griselda
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix drops first trailer for series with Sofía Vergara as drug cartel boss Griselda

The Modern Family star is taking on a very different role in the new Netflix series

Former Modern Family star Sofía Vergara is taking on a very different type of role for Netflix's upcoming series Griselda.

Inspired by the life of Griselda Blanco, who created one of the most profitable cartels in history, Vergara will star alongside the likes of Alberto Guerra and Christian Tappan in the limited series.

Check out the trailer below:

In a far-cry from her quirky, enthusiastic and fashionable role of Gloria in Modern Family, Vergara will play Griselda herself in six hour-long episodes of the Netflix series, which is set in 1970s-80s Miami.

Sharing the trailer on X, Netflix wrote: "Queenpin. Innovator. Mother. Killer. She's a woman of substance."

At the height of her scheme in the 70s and 80s, the cartel leader used a 'lethal blend of unsuspected savagery and charm helped her expertly navigate between business and family', a synopsis explains.

As a result of her skills, Griselda became widely known as 'the Godmother'.

Griselda is executive produced by Narcos and Narcos: Mexico showrunner and directing team Eric Newman and Andrés Baiz.

Speaking to Tudum about the creation of the series, Newman explained that he considered Griselda a 'fascinating character' from 'the earliest days of [his] research for what became Narcos'.

Sofia Vergara stars as Griselda herself.

"I have always endeavored to humanize complicated people, many of whom have been considered evil, and Griselda offered both the greatest challenge and opportunity," he explained.

“There has never been a woman who came close to achieving the power, wealth, and respect that Griselda did. And no trafficker, woman or man, ever elicited the same level of fear," Newman continued.

"Griselda is a rise-and-fall story like none we have ever seen before. It’s thrilling, emotional, funny, scary, and tragic. Griselda is an antihero of the highest order and a series of contradictions at odds with herself.”

Though Vergara is largely known for taking on more comedic roles, Newman described her as a 'force of nature' and said there was 'no doubt' she'd be able to succeed in the role.

He said: "She was perfect for the role not only because she, like Griselda, is a single mother who came to America from Colombia with nothing and built an empire, but because it was unexpected of her to do.

"Sofia has been thought of one way, a beautiful and brilliant comedic actress, and she is so much more than that.”

Griselda will be available to stream on Netflix from January 25.

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