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Playboy Bunny shares strict rules they had to follow living in the mansion

Playboy Bunny shares strict rules they had to follow living in the mansion

A former Playboy Bunny lifted the lid on life inside the infamous mansion

A former Playboy Bunny has spoken about the strict rules the women at the mansion had to follow if they didn't want to risk getting kicked out.

Jenna Bentley lived in the 'Bunny House', which was next to the Playboy Mansion, for a year between 2007 and 2008 and has revealed what the rules were for the women living there.

At just 18-years-old when she started living at the mansion, Jenna it was a 'dream come true' as long as she followed a strict series of rules with potential eviction as a punishment if they were broken.

Jenna explained that 'a lot of work went into the preparation' even before she moved into the mansion, and is sure they did 'strict background checks' on her 'to make sure you're not a serial killer'.

Once there one of the main rules was a strict 9pm curfew, with Jenna saying that anyone who found themselves out after that time would be 'sleeping on the lawn' and mansion staff were 'very strict about it'.

Jenna Bentley lived in the 'Bunny House' for a year, moving in when she was just 18 years old.

The other strict rule at the mansion was no boyfriends, with the former Playboy Bunny explaining that 'even meeting boys was an immediate kick-out'.

In exchange for sticking to the curfew and not having boyfriends, Jenna said she got 'unbelievable' rewards in return.

She said: "This place we lived at had movie theatres, animals, trampolines, stylists. It was a real life Barbie playhouse.

"There were servants doing all the cooking and cleaning. There was a phone that we called 'Dial-a-Dream' because you could press 0 and ask for anything you wanted, any time of day or night."

"Like, if I wanted McDonald's fries at 3am, they would go out and get it."

Another former Playboy Bunny, Izabella St. James, appeared to confirm the 9pm curfew and the 'no boyfriends' rule while she also described what it was like being Hugh Hefner's girlfriend.

She said he was the 'perfect gentleman' with his several girlfriends and that while he had one 'main' girlfriend, when she was with him there were seven in total.

Izabella said she had the opportunity to share Hefner's bed twice a week but it was never a compulsory requirement for her.

Some of the other residents of the Playboy Mansion told different stories and made accusations against Hugh Hefner.
Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Playboy

However, others who had been at the Playboy Mansion have told very different stories, with one saying she tried to 'block' out memories of being involved in an orgy after being told she 'probably won't be invited back' if she didn't go.

Another said she had to act 'dumbed down' because that was how Hefner liked his women and both said that as his 'girlfriends' they had to have sex with him when he felt able to, which was not often as he was an 'old man' when they were living in the mansion.

There have been accusations of plying women with drugs, rape and filming sexual encounters without consent from former playmates.

Holly Madison said she was 'afraid to leave' the Playboy Mansion as she claimed Hefner had a collection of naked photos of women that could have been used for blackmail.

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