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Pedro Pascal shocks fellow actors as he reveals ‘psychotic’ method for learning lines
Featured Image Credit: SAG-AFTRA Foundation

Pedro Pascal shocks fellow actors as he reveals ‘psychotic’ method for learning lines

Actors have lots of different ways of learning lines, but Pedro Pascal has revealed his way of doing it which has people slightly disturbed

Pedro Pascal has shared one of the ways that he gets all of his lines memorised and it has left fellow actors and fans disturbed.

Having a good memory is essential with learning the myriad lines that you may have to perform as an actor.

Committing all those to memory is no easy task, and there are a lot of methods actors can use to make sure they have everything in their head.

Of course some are more unusual than others, but hey, if it works it works.

Pascal has now revealed one of the methods he uses to get all of his lines memorised, which he has even called 'psychotic'.

So how exactly does it work?

Well, if you found Pascal's notes for learning his lines you could be forgiven for thinking that you had stumbled upon some sort of code.

That because you would see a whole series of descending individual letters moving down the page.

This was the technique that Pascal used to learn his lines.

He had been chatting with Succession stars Kieran Culkin and Matthew Macfadyen, as well as The Morning Show star Billy Crudup for a SAG-AFTRA virtual roundtable when he made the revelation.

This is how he learns his lines.
SAG-AFTRA Foundation

He tried to explain, saying: "I bet I could show you a psychotic example, a physical example of what I now have to do to learn my lines.

"This is like a psycho first letter of every word."

Culkin asked: "That's what you do next to the actual text?"

Pascal continued: "I'll take it... so you just see the bunch of letters, right? Basically, I’m the Unabomber."

Starting again, he once more tried to explain the technique, saying: "You use the first letter of each in these towers or columns, I guess, and it’s this very, very tedious way of making yourself learn the line so that you’re not making choices."

The actor revealed how he learns his lines.
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Well that all makes perfect sense, right?

Pascal went on to explain how it was a useful method for making sure that you could learn text quickly, though he admitted there wasn't anything 'artistic' about it.

He said: "Like if you're in a scramble and sort of trying to learn text really quickly... it isn't even sort of artistic.

"It’s just this really technical way I’ve had to acquire because of that terrible experience of forgetting my lines."

Well, if something does what it's designed to do then it's not stupid.

Pascal was recently confirmed to be playing Mr Fantastic in Marvel's reboot of Fantastic Four.

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