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Paris Hilton leaves people baffled as she switches to 'real voice' mid-sentence

Paris Hilton leaves people baffled as she switches to 'real voice' mid-sentence

Paris Hilton's 'voice switch' has caused fans to claim she 'knows how to play her part'

Paris Hilton has surprised fans by allowing her alleged ‘real’ voice to slip through while advocating for child welfare.

American businesswoman and media personality Hilton, 43, has recently been contributing to a congressional panel looking into strengthening child welfare protections.

The New York native, who testified she had been institutionalised and ‘sexually abused’ as a teenager earlier this week, has been part of the panel advocating for better protections for children in youth facilities.

One particular moment from the hearing is going viral and causing fans to claim the hotel heiress should pursue a political career. Check it out below:

While discussing her experiences with the House committee, the mum-of-two was asked by United States Representative Claudia Tenney, 63, how she believes mental health and counselling support could be incorporated into child welfare programs.

In response, The Simple Life star said: “Thank you, I enjoyed our Zoom call. I love your jacket. The sparkles are amazing.”

“I had a little bling here for today,” Tenney added before Hilton quipped: “I wanted to find out who made it later.”

After exchanging pleasantries, the media icon switched her voice pitch and used a deeper, more serious tone to tackle the tough subject matter.

She claimed that children should have access to therapy counselling, mentorship and other community-based programs.

“I think it’s also important not to label these kids as ‘troubled’ or ‘bad’. I think it makes these children feel like they aren’t believed and that’s something that’s important for them not to feel that way,” she explained.

Paris Hilton was advocating for child welfare. (TikTok/@cspanofficial)
Paris Hilton was advocating for child welfare. (TikTok/@cspanofficial)

“It’s just about showing kindness, love, compassion and support. Giving these kids life skills they can use otherwise we’re just setting them up to fail.”

When asked if she’d had access to any of the cited outlets when she was growing up, Hilton replied in the negative.

“No, I was only sent there [various institutions] because I was getting bad grades, ditching classes. I have ADHD and that’s not something they were really talking about back then.

Following the clip, fans of Hilton have come out in their droves to debate the dramatic voice change, with one X user writing: “Wow, I honestly didn't know she had that in her.”

Another commented: “She's worn that persona like a skin-suit for so long, it's fascinating she can just slip it on and off like that.”

“She's been so good at that for decades now,” praised someone else. “Put her in politics!”

Meanwhile, a TikTok user typed: “The voice change was to make a viral moment- in a good way. She knows people will watch when she does that and then immediately went serious."

“She a smart woman who knows how to play a part,” echoed another. “No shame in the game.”

The personality has claimed she doesn't want to be remembered as 'an airhead'. (parishilton/Instagram)
The personality has claimed she doesn't want to be remembered as 'an airhead'. (parishilton/Instagram)

Over the years, Hilton has altered her voice pitch in numerous interviews and in 2020 she admitted it’s because the socialite we know and love is just a persona.

Speaking to 7News ahead of the release of her YouTube documentary, I Am Paris, the mum of two said: “This entire time I have been playing a character so the world has never truly known who I am.”

She continued to explain that she had been ‘through so much’ over the years and that it was ‘finally’ that the world became acquainted with the real Hilton.

"The real me is someone who is actually brilliant. I'm not a dumb blonde, I'm just really good at pretending to be one.”

She added: "I don't want to be remembered for some airhead, but the businesswoman I am.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@cspanofficial

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