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Morena Baccarin hated kissing Ryan Reynolds and filming two-day sex scene with him in Deadpool
Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Studios/Instagram/@morenabaccarin

Morena Baccarin hated kissing Ryan Reynolds and filming two-day sex scene with him in Deadpool

The Deadpool actor didn't hold back when describing her kissing scenes with Reynolds

Deadpool actor Morena Baccarin has described what it was like to kiss and film sex scenes with Ryan Reynolds, and it does not sound pleasant.

I'm sure there are a lot of Reynolds fans out there who would love an excuse to give him a quick smooch, but even if Blake Lively were to agree with it, Baccarin has admitted that it's not as great as it might seem.

To be fair to Reynolds, her opinions were formed as he was spending much of his time in a latex suit to play Deadpool, but it still might put you off.

The pair starred together in both the original Deadpool movie and its sequel in 2018, with Baccarin playing the protagonist's girlfriend, Vanessa.

The role involved the pair having to get up close and personal, including for one jam-packed sex scene montage featured in the first film.

The scene saw the on-screen couple celebrate a whole array of occasions with sex while dressed up in outfits to match the given festivity.

The pair can be seen celebrating Christmas, Valentine's Day, International Women's Day and other national holidays, but Baccarin pulled back the curtain on the montage during an interview with Conan O'Brien in 2017.

Morena Baccarin played Deadpool's girlfriend.
20th Century Fox

"[The film] was really fun... minus the two days of sex scenes, it was wonderful, the whole experience," she said.

Baccarin continued: "It took two days to shoot the sex scene, because I think it was us making sweet love for an entire calendar year. So it was all the holidays, you know. So we dressed differently for every one."

While two whole days of intimate filming would be a lot for anyone, Baccarin admitted she couldn't even enjoy the scenes that were just kissing.

Speaking to People magazine back in 2018, Baccarin explained that Deadpool's costume really didn't do much for Reynolds.

"I keep saying that kissing him in that mask is like kissing a giant latex condom," she said.

"It basically just smells like rubber the entire time."

Ryan Reynolds had to spend a lot of time in a suit for Deadpool.
20th Century Fox

That's not what you want to hear from someone you're kissing, is it?

With that said, however, Baccarin has commented on how her co-star made the whole ordeal bearable due to his professionalism.

"[T]here's a lot of laughing. And that stuff is always uncomfortable," she told Collider in 2015. "But, we made the best of it."

Baccarin continued: "By the end of the day you're like 'Okay, where do you want me, how do you-?' You're like spreading your legs and you're like whatever, it's just, you get so used to each other."

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