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Woman who saw Matthew Perry before he died explains what his Batman posts meant
Featured Image Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty / Instagram/mattyperry4

Woman who saw Matthew Perry before he died explains what his Batman posts meant

Matthew Perry shared a number of Batman references on Instagram before he was found dead in Los Angeles

One of Matthew Perry's friends has addressed the meaning of the mysterious Batman-related posts he shared online before he died.

Perry was very active on social media before his death on 28 October, when he was found unresponsive in the hot tub at his Los Angeles home.

Even into the final week of his life the Friends actor was frequently uploading new pictures to Instagram, all of which were all linked with references to Batman.

One post, shared on 17 October, saw Perry pan his camera to a screen showing a title-screen for The Batman, alongside a caption which read: "No need to worry everybody, I've got the streets tonight."

In his following posts, Perry began to refer to himself as 'Mattman' as he shared pictures of the bat signal created in lights in a garden, and cut into a jack-o'-lantern.

In his final post, Perry could be seen wearing headphones as he was illuminated by the blue lights of his hot tub.

Matthew Perry shared seven images to Instagram relating to Batman.

Alongside the image, he wrote: "Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good? I'm Mattman."

Perry's shocking death left fans with questions about why he'd been making so many posts related to Batman, with speculation swirling online about the meaning of the posts.

Some fans suggested he was using the bat signal as a sign that he was in need of help, but Perry's friend Athenna Crosby has now shut down those theories.

Crosby had dinner with Perry just one day before he died, and told TMZ that there was no deeper meaning to his posts.

"Matthew was very sweet and a little bit nerdy. He loved Batman," she told the outlet.

"He called his car 'The Batmobile' because it was all tinted black. He had been calling himself 'Mattman' lately, which is a nickname he dubbed for himself."

Perry's final post on Instagram shows him in a hot tub.

Crosby went on to suggest the references in Perry's posts were simply the result of him being 'goofy and playful'.

"People assuming that his posts [about Batman] were a cry for help, that's just completely false," she continued.

"He was just a sweet nerd that liked Batman. None of that was subliminal messaging in any way."

Perry's cause of death is yet to be made public, but police who responded to the scene on 28 October said there was no sign of drugs or foul play.

Crosby said her friend was 'in an extremely good mood' before he passed away; that he was 'excited about the future and taking care of his health'.

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