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Margot Robbie surprised deaf fan by speaking to him using sign language

Margot Robbie surprised deaf fan by speaking to him using sign language

The star had a heartwarming interaction with a fan

Margot Robbie has delighted fans thanks to a video which has re-emerged online showing her using sign language to talk to a fan.

The star of Barbie had been appearing at the premiere of the movie Amsterdam last September in London and went out onto the red carpet to pose for pictures and interact with fans.

One fan got an experience they won't soon forget when Robbie went out of her way when she spoke to him after the man had come to her and spoken in sign language.

In a surprising and heartwarming moment, Robbie revealed she was able to respond to him in sign language.

A video shows her appearing to sign 'nice to meet you' before she starts to test her skills by working through the alphabet with the fan.

The video has delighted fans of Robbie, who took to the comments to express their approval.

One wrote: "she really took time to free her hands and communicate with a fan to make them seen. She's so precious."

Another posted: "As if we needed another reason to love her!"

According to one person, Margot had been speaking British Sign Language, or BSL, which is distinct from American Sign Language (ASL). There are many different types of sign language around the world.

Margot Robbie at the European premier of Barbie.
Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Robbie was thrown back into limelight once again as her latest movie Barbie was released last week. The flick has been hotly anticipated, particularly after being released alongside the movie Oppenheimer.

Movie fans online have been making jokes and memes about the huge difference in tone between the two movies. It makes sense, as one is a massive existential meditation on the nature of reality and our relationship with society, and the other one is Oppenheimer, a film about the development of the atomic bomb.

Barbie has made history after the flick - directed by Greta Gerwig - became the movie with the biggest opening weekend of any movie directed by a woman.

Margot speaks sign language with a fan.
Twitter / @ivanbaron

Barbie has so far scooped £377 million at the box office. Meanwhile, Oppenheimer drew £174 million on its opening weekend.

Combined, 'Barbenheimer', as the pair of films have become known, has been the biggest box office weekend of 2023 so far.

Michael O’Leary, president and CEO of the National Association of Theatre Owners, told The Guardian: “It was a truly historic weekend and continues the positive box office momentum of 2023.

“People recognised that something special was happening and they wanted to be a part of it.”

Some fans took things one step further and even dressed up in outfits which were half pink and half black, while others showcased spectacular costume changes between the movies.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @Tom123jr

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