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Man blew his opportunity when Margot Robbie started flirting with him due to awkward mix-up

Man blew his opportunity when Margot Robbie started flirting with him due to awkward mix-up

Margot Robbie was stunned when the guy revealed an awkward detail about himself during a Calvin Klein shoot

A man blew his chances following an awkward mix-up when Margot Robbie started flirting with him.

It’s the kind of situation every man dreams of, but like this guy, the majority would probably fluff it up.

It’s hard not to when arguably one of the most-attractive women in the world starts flirting with you whilst on a job.

It would be pretty hard to keep composure.

Back in 2016, Margot revealed that she was once on set with a lad for a Calvin Klein shoot and started to engage in a bit of light flirting, but the guy messed it up by revealing some important details.

The lad screwed up his opportunity. (Youtube/CalvinKlein)
The lad screwed up his opportunity. (Youtube/CalvinKlein)

In an interview with Elle magazine, the actress said: “I was chatting with them at one point, and I could tell I was starting to flirt with them.

“I said to one of the guys, ‘What are you doing after this?’ and he said, ‘Well, I've got to go back to school.’

“And I was like, ‘Oh, cool! College?’

“No. Not college. [High] school.

“I thought, ‘Oh. My. God. You're 17 years old!’

“I'm officially a cougar!

“I'm 'The Older Woman!' This has never happened to me before!"

Rumour has it that the guy is still crying over a Margot Robbie poster in his bedroom to this day.

Very rookie error.

She added: "So many of my friends are older, and the people I work with are older.

“Now I get their perspective." (Youtube/CalvinKlein)
“Now I get their perspective." (Youtube/CalvinKlein)

“I guess I've gotten used to hearing people say, ‘oh, you're so young,’ even though I never really agreed with that.

“Now I get their perspective.

“And it does feel bizarre, having someone in your workspace who's so much younger than you.”

When Margot was asked if she chose the boys that featured in the commercial, she said ‘I didn't, but I was very happy with [Calvin Klein's] choice’.

She went on to say that filming ads like that never fails to be ‘awkward’.

Talking about set mishaps, she added: “I'd lean too far over and there would be a nip slip with my dress.

“Then the crew yells, ‘Cut! Your boob's out!’ and the whole set hears it. “Oops. Sorry.”

A minute’s silence for this lad...

Featured Image Credit: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty / VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

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