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Kim Kardashian broke down in tears after son Saint saw joke about her sex tape
Featured Image Credit: Hulu

Kim Kardashian broke down in tears after son Saint saw joke about her sex tape

She called ex Kanye West in tears after Saint stumbled across a reference to the tape on his iPad

Kim Kardashian was 'mortified' to discover that her son Saint had been sent a joke about her sex tape.

Kardashian, the billionaire founder of shape-wear brand Skims, had hoped the notorious sex tape she shot with her ex-boyfriend Ray J in 2002 was a fading memory, but it resurfaced last year - on her son's iPad, no less.

Her seven-year-old son Saint, who she shares with ex Kanye West, was innocently playing on the online video game platform Roblox, being one of the 65.5 million daily active users - as of Q2 2023 - who use the platform to play mini-games together and chat to each other.

A 2022 episode of The Kardashians showed the moment he was messaged something 'super inappropriate' by an online character, with a joke sent to his iPad hinting at 'unreleased footage' from the sex tape, alongside a photo of Kim's crying face.

Saint saw a reference to the sex tape on his iPad.

"The last thing I want as a mum is for my past to be brought up 20 years later," a distraught Kardashian said at the time, adding: "It’s real embarrassing s**t. I need to deal with it, and will deal with it."

The reality star was then filmed calling her attorney and assuring them that she is '99.9 percent sure no other tape exists.'

Later footage also showed her calling West in tears, saying: "I almost died when Saint thought it was funny."

Thankfully, Saint's innocence saved him from a difficult conversation, as he was not able to understand the joke he was sent.

Kardashian was in tears.

Kardashian said that she 'would’ve died inside' if her 'son was a little bit older and old enough to read', having previously spoken about how much she 'dreads' one of her children coming across the video and says that she 'can’t go through this again.'

She now co-parents her four kids with West after the couple filed for divorce in February 2021, following seven years of marriage.

On The Kardashians, Kardashian regularly opens up about the struggles of motherhood, saying in one episode: “We’re just trying to figure it out – how to be good parents to our kids together, how to be good friends to each other. Ultimate goal, no matter what, is just happiness."

A fourth season of the hugely popular Hulu show premieres on 28 September.

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