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Video shows moment Kevin Hart injured himself and left him forced to use a wheelchair

Video shows moment Kevin Hart injured himself and left him forced to use a wheelchair

The comedian has been left in a wheelchair for at least six weeks after he was left injured in a race

NFL star Stevan Ridley has shared a video which captures the moment Kevin Hart got injured and was left in need of a wheelchair.

The comedian, 44, took to Instagram earlier this week to announce to his followers that his efforts to 'do some young man's stuff' had left him unable to walk.

Hart revealed that he'd torn his lower abdomen and his adductors by taking part in a race against Ridley to see who was fastest, and as a result he's been left in a wheelchair for at least six weeks.

Unfortunately, Hart's explanation for why he was injured prompted some of his pals to joke that he was 'supposed to be in shape', but the comedian has since hit back to argue that he'd been running at an 'all-out sprint' when he got hurt.

Ridley has now helped back Hart's story by sharing footage of the race that left his body so damaged.

Hart now has to use a wheelchair for several weeks.

The NFL star, who is 10 years younger than Hart, took to Instagram to share a collection of three videos; one which showed the pair successfully running together, another which showed Hart getting injured, and a third which again showed Hart getting injured, only this time in slow motion.

Alongside the videos, Ridley wrote: "Gotcha?? Got whooo?!"

Viewers admitted the videos had perfectly caught the moment Hart 'knew he messed up', with the comedian's face suddenly contorting in pain as he desperately attempted to overtake Ridley.

Looking back, Hart has since urged other people to learn from his mistake, saying: "Ladies and gentlemen the age 40 is real, to all my men and women out there who are 40 years old and above it's not a game."

It was clear Hart had made a mistake.

"Respect that age, respect that age or that age will make you respect it. I was just forced to respect it," he continued.

In an update shared after Hart first announced that he was in a wheelchair, the comedian added: "'On your marks, get set, go.' It sat me down," he said.

"Should've been 'on your marks, get set, no. No. NO!' That's what I should have done."

He also called out those who laughed at him for the way her got injured, writing: "All of my friends can kiss my a**….I wish y’all could hear some of these damn calls. All of a sudden everybody is damn doctor or a physician…."

After Hart called out his critics, his Jumanji co-star Dwayne Johnson responded: "I said what I said out of love."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@stevanridley

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