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People think Kevin Hart's reaction during interview confirms the Illuminati exists
Featured Image Credit: Peacock

People think Kevin Hart's reaction during interview confirms the Illuminati exists

People think the comedian dropped a hint during an interview

Over the years, Kevin Hart has become known for providing some rather interesting interviews that get us all talking.

None more so than when he appeared on the The Kelly Clarkson Show back in 2021.

Fans are convinced the comedian is part of the Illuminati after footage resurfaced of him seemingly attempting to silence Kelly Clarkson during the interview.

Take a look for yourself below:

In the viral clip, Clarkson opened up about financial 'offers' she'd had from within the entertainment industry to do things she did not exactly disclose in the discussion.

Well, that provoked a rather interesting reaction from Hart.

After directing Clarkson to 'shush' with his finger, she then inferred that people who have offered him money to do similar things 'must be in the room' (where the show was being filmed).

"That was my way of queuing you" Hart said, adding: "Its open dialogue, we can talk about anything but [not that]." Before repeating the shush gesture again.

While the context of the conversation is missing from the clip, which might have revealed how tongue-in-cheek Hart was being, some social media users had seen enough already.

Kevin Hart appeared to 'shush' Kelly Clarkson at one point in the interview.

"Watched a video where @kellyclarkson and @KevinHart4real were talking and Kevin stopped her from talking because of the Illuminati," one person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"Kevin was shusshing her, Kevin hart your saying someone or group has that much power over actors & singers??? Really??" they added.

"Is it the NWO [New World Order]," another person commented, to which a third user replied: "They were just joking about how silly they think conspiracy theories are."

It's not yet known whether the pair were joking or not, although Clarkson's laughter in the clip would seem to imply that it's not too be taken too seriously.

Hart's reaction started a discussion.

As Adam Curtis details in his 2021 BBC documentary Can't Get You Out of My Head, the Illuminati conspiracy first began back in the 1960s, with some speculating that the world's elite were all members of the group - and that they used their collective influence and power to run the world.

While no such evidence of this conspiracy has ever been found, the name seems to derive from the 'Bavarian Illuminati' group, which was an enlightenment-era secret society founded in modern day Germany.

The Illuminati conspiracy gained real traction in the 2000s, with several music videos being called out online for supposedly having 'subliminal messages' in them.

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