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John Cena opens up on feud with The Rock and apologizes for being 'ignorant'
Featured Image Credit: John W. Ferguson/WireImage/Twiiter/@sternshow

John Cena opens up on feud with The Rock and apologizes for being 'ignorant'

Cena had previously criticised The Rock over his decision to leave WWE to pursue his career in Hollywood, but has since apologised

John Cena has opened up about his feud with The Rock after publicly apologising.

The feud began around the time that Dwayne Johnson was beginning his film career.

Cena criticised Johnson for leaving the WWE to pursue a career in Hollywood, comments which have since come back to bite him after he went on to make the same move.

But the wrestler and movie star has since publicly apologised to The Rock for the comments.

Johnson began his movie career with roles in films including The Scorpion King and The Mummy Returns, and would go on to become a Hollywood A-lister.

Eventually the WWE icon retired from wrestling altogether, pivoting wholly towards acting.

Cena since made the same move, ironically even landing a role in the Fast and Furious franchise, in which Johnson also starred.

Speaking on the Stern Show, Cena cleared up any ambiguity about his previous comments about Johnson.

Cena appears on The Howard Stern Show.
Jason Koerner/Getty Images for SiriusXM

He told host Howard Stern: "I guess my angle came from the fact that he was openly saying like, I love the WWE. And I'm like, man, if you love it, why aren't you here? And what a stupid thing to say."

He continued: "Because I can sit across from you now and say I love the WWE, but Smackdowns in two days, I'm not gonna be there.

"So like, I can say that and I was it was just an ignorant. It was my ignorant perspective, and I'm so sorry, because he had a lot to lose.

"He's putting his word on the line saying I had to leave this thing, I love it, it's ingrained in my family, I f*cking love this. But I'm just doing other sh*t right now."

Stern interjected, saying: "Well, now you understand that because you're doing other sh*t."

Cena has since apologised to Johnson.
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Cena doubled down on his apology, saying: "And now I have to eat a bunch of sh*t. And say like, f*ck, I was wrong, and I'm sorry."

The WWE star has also previously addressed his remarks, saying that he had not voiced his concerns in a 'respectful way'.

Speaking after a WWE pay-per-view event Fastlane press conference, he said: "I violated his trust and I made allegations about his perspective that I knew nothing about. And deep down, I was a fan. I wanted The Rock back [in WWE]. I wanted to do anything to get The Rock back, but I did it the wrong way, I didn't do it the respectful way."

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