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James Marsden shares text he received from his mom at Golden Globes and it’s melting hearts

James Marsden shares text he received from his mom at Golden Globes and it’s melting hearts

The Jury Duty actor shared the text after losing out on the Golden Globe

The Notebook actor James Marsden officially has the cutest mom on the planet, as proven by the heartwarming text he got from her at the Golden Globes.

The 50-year-old actor was just one of the famous faces in attendance at the Golden Globes on Sunday (7 December), where he'd been nominated in the category of Best Supporting Actor.

The recognition was probably a bit more of a compliment for Marsden than some of his fellow nominees, as it came for a show in which Marsden played himself.

The actor took on the role of himself in Jury Duty; a reality hoax sitcom which follows juror Ronald Gladden, who has no clue that he's surrounded by actors and that the entire case is fake.

Marsden was up against some tough competition in the category, including The Bear's Ebon Moss–Bachrach, The Morning Show's Billy Crudup, and Succession stars Alexander Skarsgård, Alan Ruck and Matthew Macfadyen.

Ultimately it was Macfadyen who took home the award - one of many Succession earned on Sunday - but Marsden's mom, Kathleen, made clear that she couldn't be prouder of her son either way.

James Marsden lost the Golden Globe to Matthew Macfadyen.
Tommaso Boddi/Golden Globes 2024

The actor took to Instagram to share a screenshot of the text he'd received from his mom at the Golden Globes, which he shared with the caption: "My mom. I love you [love heart]."

In the text, Marsden's mom shared her 'favorite moment' from the event, explaining it took place when Marsden's category came up.

"My favorite moment of tonight was when they had your picture up with the other 5 nominees," she said. "Just like I've seen all my life of different nominee pics all together like that.

"And I saying to myself [sic] - my son is one of the 6 chosen and there he is up there on the TV screen next to the other nominees.

"MY son did that. I can't quit smiling. [love heart]."

James Marsden's mom shared the text after her son was nominated for Jury Duty.

The message has been melting hearts since the moment Marsden decided to share it online, with many fans taking to X to share their adoration for the actor's mom.

"James Marsden sharing this text from his mom has destroyed me," one person wrote.

Another added: "We love you James Marsden’s mother!!!!"

Marsden has previously shared his love for his mom on Mother's Day, when he shared a picture of himself and his mom and wrote: "To my loving Mom and to every mother out there, guiding our ways, filling our hearts, and teaching us what love is, we owe you everything."

Featured Image Credit: Emma McIntyre/Instagram/@james_marsden

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