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James Corden admits he’s lived a ‘narcissist’s dream’ as he speaks out about ego
Featured Image Credit: Youtube/ Jay Shetty Podcast / CBS

James Corden admits he’s lived a ‘narcissist’s dream’ as he speaks out about ego

The Late Late Show host opened up about taking a break from entertainment after decades in the business

James Corden admitted he's spent years living a 'narcissist’s dream' as he spoke out about his work and 'ego'.

Corden opened up about his career during an appearance on Jay Shetty's podcast this week following his departure from The Late Late Show With James Corden, which came to an end last year.

Shetty questioned whether Corden had to 'rethink [his] identity' as he took a step back after years in front of audiences and entertaining crowds, honing in on whether the Prom actor had to do an 'identity shift'.

Corden's work in entertainment stems back to the 90s, when he appeared in various TV series before he garnered more attention for his involvement in the BBC series Gavin and Stacey.

In more recent years, he's appeared in movies including Cinderella, Yesterday, Trolls World Tour and Cats, as well as hosting The Late Late Show, which he began in 2015.

Discussing his years in the spotlight with Shetty, Corden said: "That's ego, I think. That's ego, that's what you're talking about.

"I lived for eight and a half years, what could only be described as a narcissist's dream. Do you know what I mean?"

James Corden said his experience on The Late Late Show was 'amazing'.
Noam Galai/Getty Images for SiriusXM

The presenter went on to stress that hosting the late-night show was 'one of the greatest jobs in the world', adding: "I think it's amazing. I think it is brilliant My God, how lucky am I to have done that?"

However, Corden noted that someone who was 'another way inclined' might not like driving to work and seeing a 'massive picture' of their face.

Though Corden indicated he didn't mind the sight, he's admitted that taking time out is 'so good' for him.

"I'm getting as much, or more, from this period now," he said.

Later in the interview, Corden spoke about his interactions with fans and people coming up to ask him for selfies, claiming the selfies weren't actually 'anything to do' with him.

"I think it's just, people go 'well this is going to be good on my Story'," Corden said.

He stressed the importance of being aware of how 'lucky' he is, though he admitted a lot of that is 'predicated on how much sleep' he gets.

"The better sleep I have, without question, in every facet of my life, I'm better," he said.

Fans have praised Corden's interview, with one saying Shetty's podcast has 'made everyone realize that once high profile fame has been diminished'.

"We all consume the same emotions, and although unique experiences underline anyone in any position, with self confidence, and within these reflections of the experiences, demonstrates that humility gives comfort to all experiences. Highly relatable to all and very stimulating," they wrote.

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