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Gwyneth Paltrow promises ‘no one will ever see her again’ after retiring from acting

Gwyneth Paltrow promises ‘no one will ever see her again’ after retiring from acting

Though she’s only 51 years old, the Goop founder is already planning her retirement.

Many of us dream of quitting our day job – including Gwyneth Paltrow.

Though she’s only 51 years old, the actor is already planning her retirement and promises ‘no one will ever see her again’ after quitting acting.

This isn’t the only big change that the Oscar-winner is wanting to make.

Having founded Goop in 2008, Paltrow has amassed a staggering amount of money from her wellness company and its many offshoots.

While most of us may have raised an eyebrow over the infamous vaginally-inserted jade egg and bio-frequency stickers, the brand was thought to be worth $250 million in 2019.

Paltrow has also made millions from her acting career, with the star earning $10 million for her role in View From the Top alone.

Despite this, she still plans to leave her two lucrative careers behind her.

The actor has revealed she wants to disappear from public life.
Getty/Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

In a new interview with Bustle, the Oscar winner told the magazine: “I will literally disappear from public life… No one will ever see me again.”

As she moves towards retirement, the actor will disappear from the silver screen and then will eventually sell her brand in a ‘few more years’.

When asked if she'd consider selling the lifestyle brand before her 55th birthday, she said: "I'd be happy with that."

She added: “[I love] creating, collaborating, being struck with new ideas, innovating, thinking ahead, strategy, vision, that kind of thing.

"Money has never been my thing. It’s never been my driver."

Easy to say when you have quite a lot of it, perhaps.

It seems her plans have been in development for quite some time, with her last Marvel role being back in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame.

The 51-year-old also plans to sell her wellness business.
Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images

In fact, the actor is so unphased about her acting career that she recently admitted to using her Academy Award as a doorstopper.

Appearing on Vogue's 73 Questions series, the business owner is filmed frolicking through her garden with the highly sought-after statue propping up the large green gate behind her.

“It works perfectly,” Paltrow joked, in a moment that was toe-curlingly awkward and left viewers unsure whether she was trying to be grounded.

During another awkward moment on The Chef Show, the she had to be reminded that she had appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Appearing in the Netflix series along Marvel legend Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi, the actor awkwardly questioned whether he’d been in the hit film.

She bluntly said: “We weren’t in Spider-Man.”

To which, Favreau replied: “Yes, we were. You were in Spider-Man.”

Clearly starring in blockbusters isn't that memorable then, so it might be time for Gwyneth to leave it all behind.

Featured Image Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images

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