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Clueless guy chats up Suki Waterhouse and asks her if she's got a boyfriend
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@suki_waterhouse

Clueless guy chats up Suki Waterhouse and asks her if she's got a boyfriend

The guy clearly didn't have a clue who he was trying to chat up

I'm sure we all know someone who's notoriously bad at recognizing famous people, but not many people go viral because of it.

One man has, though, and it's all because he failed to recognize actor, singer and one-half of a celebrity couple, Suki Waterhouse.

It's pretty well-known that Waterhouse is in a relationship with actor Robert Pattinson, with the pair having dated since 2018 and now expecting their first child together.

Not everyone is clued up on celebrity romances though, which is potentially why the man in this particular clip attempted to shoot his shot and chat up Waterhouse.

It all started when the actor was at a gas station with her friend and was spotted by the unnamed man.

The hopeful guy approached Waterhouse and attempted to start talking to her, but Waterhouse made it clear she wasn't interested and attempted to end the conversation by saying 'bye honey' and walking away.

Waterhouse's friend even managed to capture her 'wtf' look on camera, but the man clearly didn't get the hint.

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson are expecting a child together.
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Instead of recognizing Waterhouse's goodbye as a signal to stop pursuing her, the man proceeded to lightly jog after Waterhouse and ask for her number.

Since the blatant goodbye and exit she'd attempted earlier didn't work, Waterhouse then explained that she had a boyfriend.

She was kind enough not to reveal who her boyfriend was - chances are the man would have been left even more red-faced if she did because, as I mentioned before, her boyfriend isn't your average Joe.

Instead, he's Edward from Twilight, Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter, and, of course, Batman. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill.

Footage of the man's exchange with Waterhouse was shared on TikTok, with a caption reading: "when a man is trying to hit on you but all you want to find is a med man."

The man didn't get the hint with 'goodbye'.

Of course, people were quick to pick up on the unfortunate situation online, with one user saying what we're all thinking: "I have a boyfriend....... he's Batman."

Another viewer wanted to see a scene straight out of Gotham play out, writing: "Was expecting to hear the Batmobile start up at the end."

Unfortunately there's wasn't much follow-up after the video was posted, so it's unclear whether the man ever came to realise who he'd attempted to chat up.

With the footage having since gone viral, though, it would probably be a tough thing for him to avoid.

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