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Fans can’t believe what phone Eminem still uses after he’s spotted using it in rare picture
Featured Image Credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty / Instagram/djwhookid

Fans can’t believe what phone Eminem still uses after he’s spotted using it in rare picture

Fans are shocked after seeing what phone Rapper Eminem uses after being snapped on Instagram

Fans are shocked after seeing what phone rapper Eminem uses after it's spotted in Instagram pic.

Being one of the best rappers in the world has many perks, including a net worth of $250 million, so fans couldn't believe what phone the rapper chooses to use after revealing it in recent photo uploaded to DJWhooKid's Instagram.

Eminem was snapped looking down at his phone in pic, as fans quickly spotted the absolute throwback.

Eminem has been known not to be too bothered for unnecessary lavish purchases considering his wealth, as in an interview with Jonathan Ross in 2009, the Rap God admitted that in his earlier days of fame, he called his manager to ask if he could afford a $100 watch that he still wears to this day - despite the monumental spike in fame.

With an income one could only dream about, you'd think Em would have the latest everything. Well, because he can.

But it seems the rapper is more for comfort and ease over fashion and trends, as he still uses a BLACKBERRY.

In case you weren't, you know, born yet, Ican't describe the absolute chokehold Blackberry's had on us back in 2011 when asking for someone's 'BBM pin' was the equivalent to asking for someone's IG handle.

But like all things tech, the Blackberry eventually grew out of style (RIP) and iPhones were the new obsession in the world of phones.

The rapper was snapped on DJWhooKid's instagram.

After the picture was shared to Reddit, users had their opinions on the rappers mobile, with one commenting:

"I loved my blackberry, I dont blame him. I hated my first android when I got it and still rolled with the bbm app for years."

While another user thought the rapper might be doing a long-running gag, posting: "This is clearly a joke he runs with. Lol. And the technology thing is also a running joke. The guy is a global star who has traveled the world and back. And also produces/ mixes music etc. he knows how to take a selfie and use a phone/ computer. lol."

The theory had some substance to it, as in the video for the track 'Fall', Em is seen looking at hate comments on an iPhone, before smashing it on the ground.

However, if it is a Blackberry that Em still uses, if anything we're just jealous.

Bring back the days of BBM and the constant clacking of the qwerty keyboard... definitely simpler times.

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