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Dwyane Wade opens up on moment he told now-wife Gabriella Union he was having baby with another woman

Dwyane Wade opens up on moment he told now-wife Gabriella Union he was having baby with another woman

Basketball star Dwyane Wade opened up about the 'scary' moment recently

Dwayne Wade has admitted that telling his now-wife Gabriella Union he was having baby with another woman was harder than competing in the NBA finals.

The majority of us can only imagine what it's like to compete in high-level sport, however, that is seemingly easier than telling your partner that you are expecting a child with another woman, according to Wade.

Back in 2013, the basketball star revealed he had fathered a child with Aja Metoyer, which came after speculation Wade had cheated.

But in statements at the time, Wade suggested that he and Union, who had been dating since 2008, were on a break.

Nonetheless, he said it was a very tough conversation he had with the Bring It On star, which came months before his welcomed his youngest son, Xavier Zechariah Wade.

Earlier this week, the 'Club Shay Shay' podcast highlighted a clip from host Shannon Sharpe’s interview with Wade, where an awful lot was discussed in a near two-hour conversation.

Dwayne Wade recalled the difficult conversation he had with his now-wife.
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for PROUDLY

Wade went on to say that telling Union was 'scary' and when asked how it compared to competing in the NBA finals in 2013, the basketball player said it was 'way harder to have a conversation with my now-wife'.

He told Sharpe: "I mean, you’re thinking about it. All right. It’s all scary. The whole situation is scary enough.

"And no matter what people say outside or what people think, it’s like, ultimately, like you got to sit with you.

"You got to sit with this person, this woman you’re gonna be with, right? And I had to sit with my wife about this. Well, my now-wife about this."

Wade continued: "I couldn’t have gotten through that moment without her sitting with me. I tried to pussyfoot around it. I tried to break up with her: ‘Hey, you know things has been bad lately. We’ve been having a look at this relationship.’ Anyway, I tried all that. She kept showing up."

Dwyane Wade and Gabriella Union married in 2014.
Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Fast Company

All worked out in the end though, as Wade and Union tied the knot in 2014, and welcomed daughter, Kaavia James, via surrogate in 2018.

Despite all that, Wade concedes that he and Union continue to work on their relationship to this day.

"It hasn’t been perfect. It will never be perfect," he admitted in the podcast.

"But that was nine years ago, and we still go to therapy. We’ve had shouts about it.

"We’ve had regular conversations about it.

"And so it’s been something that is going to continue to be something that I have to work at, and it doesn’t go away because years come or because ‘I say sorry'."

Featured Image Credit: Club Shay Shay/YouTube/Aaron Davidson/WireImage

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