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T.J. Miller gave blunt response after being asked if he's joining Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Jason Nash/Michael Steele/Getty Images

T.J. Miller gave blunt response after being asked if he's joining Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3

TJ Miller had previously said that he would 'never work with Ryan Reynolds again' after alleging that Reynolds had been 'horrifically mean'

With the trailer for Deadpool 3 finally here, many fans have been left wondering if T.J. Miller will return.

Miller appeared in the first two films of the franchise as Weasel, the best friend of the title character who works as a bartender at the hitman/mercenary bar where Wade Wilson/Deadpool hangs out.

For those who don't know, Miller has previously said that he does not want to work with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds again.

The actor claimed that Reynolds had been 'horrifically mean' to him while on set, and said he would not be working with him again.

Since the announcement of the third film in the franchise, speculation has been rife about whether Miller would keep his word.

As for Miller himself, he has previously remained coy on whether he would be in the cast, until now.

The actor appeared on the Jason Nash podcast and was quizzed on whether he would be appearing in the upcoming movie.

T.J. Miller bluntly answered if he would be appearing in the film.
YouTube / Jason Nash

Initially Miller was evasive, explaining that people had tried to ask him before if he would be appearing.

The actor explained how he had been on Mario Lopez prior to this interview.

Miller said: "He [Lopez] said 'tell me about Deadpool 3, are you going to be in Deadpool 3?', and I'm like, I can't talk about that.

"And then as soon as I made a joke about that he's like 'OK, well thanks for joining us'.

"It was just that, trying to get me to like slip out something about Deadpool 3."

At this point host Nash interjected, bluntly asking Miller: "Are you in Deadpool 3?"

T.J. Miller revealed if he would be in the film.
Al Pereira/Getty Images

Miller responded very bluntly, saying: "Absolutely not."

He continued: "But I can't tell people that, so I just go I'm not allowed to tell people."

So there you have it, T.J. Miller will not be joining the cast of Deadpool 3 this time.

Miller has also clarified that he and Reynolds had talked out any misunderstandings that they had.

The actor described Reynolds as a 'great improviser', and told SiriusXM that it had been a misunderstanding.

He said: "It was really cool. He emailed me the next day... it was a misunderstanding. So I emailed him back, and now it’s fine"

Nonetheless, he ruled out working with Reynolds again in future, telling The Adam Carolla Show: "I mean, would I work with him again? No, I would not work with him again."

So it seems that Weasel will not be returning for Deadpool 3.

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