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David Lynch bluntly refuses to ever work with Russell Brand while sitting next to him in resurfaced clip

David Lynch bluntly refuses to ever work with Russell Brand while sitting next to him in resurfaced clip

American filmmaker David Lynch shut down any prospect of collaborating with Russell Brand in a resurfaced interview from 2019

David Lynch had a savage one-word response when asked if he'd ever collaborate with Russell Brand.

Brand's name has been on everyone's lips in recent days in the wake of a bombshell Channel 4 Dispatches episode airing in the UK following an investigation into the comedian.

Working alongside The Times and The Sunday Times, the two media powerhouses looked into Brand's career over the years after women came forward accusing him of sexual assault.

Since the episode aired, more women have come forward, including one sexual assault complaint to London's Metropolitan Police.

But before the allegations came to light, Brand was a highly acclaimed comedian and actor and had rubbed shoulders with some of Hollywood's biggest names.

The dad-of-two has worked alongside the likes of Jonah Hill, Helen Mirren, Steve Carell, Gal Gadot and Mila Kunis - to name a few.

But one celeb who apparently wasn't bothered about working with Brand is actor and Twin Peaks director David Lynch.

Back in 2019, the pair did a sit-down interview together titled 'Russell Brand and David Lynch In Conversation' in collaboration with the David Lynch Foundation.

David Lynch and Russell Brand were interviewed together in 2019.
YouTube/David Lynch Foundation

For the discussion, the two celebs answered questions submitted by the audience on topics such as consciousness, meditation, comedy, creativity, film, art and life.

The interviewer goes on to ask the pair: "Would you ever collaborate on a creative process?"

"No," Lynch simply replied, and the audience burst into laughter.

Brand went on to say: "Makes my answer a little trickier because it was going to be yes."

People have since reacted online to the resurfaced clip, with some saying the 'loved' his response.

Sharing the video, one X user wrote: "Love how David Lynch was sincerely asked if he would ever work with Russell Brand and he instantly said no right in front of him."

David said he wouldn't want to collaborate with Russell.
YouTube/David Lynch Foundation

Another person replied saying: "No hesitation, no elaboration, just an instant and firm 'no'. Absolute king s**t."

"Having seen way too many David Lynch interviews, I can say the dude never makes jokes like this, so while he played it off as one, I think he was serious," a third went on.

Elsewhere, people noted Brand's lack of shoes.

One wrote: "Brand is way too comfortable, like sit up right and put some shoes on dude."

"I feel bad for anyone who had to sit in that chair after this event. I need some wipes, those feet are making me cringe," echoed another.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/David Lynch Foundation

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