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Dan Bilzerian says he's known for years Salt Bae is 'weird' as he shares DMs from the controversial chef
Featured Image Credit: Prodip Guha/Getty Images / Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Dan Bilzerian says he's known for years Salt Bae is 'weird' as he shares DMs from the controversial chef

Dan Bilzerian revealed apparent Instagram DMs sent by Salt Bae

Even if the vast majority of us cannot afford his food, Salt Bae is a bit of an internet legend.

To be honest, the chef is a bit of an internet meme nowadays, and with some people not knowing what to make of him, Dan Bilzerian made his views very clear back in 2022.

The social media personality shared a screen recording of Instagram DMs, which showed Salt Bae attempting to communicate with him for years.

He captioned the video on his Instagram Stories: "Everyone talking about how weird this Salt Bae is, I be knowing that for years [sic]."

Salt Bae seemingly began an attempt in befriending Bilzerian back in 2015, something the social media star revealed two years ago.

"What a f**king goofball," Bilzerian concluded.

The video shows that Salt Bae had been sending Bilzerian picture after picture for years, despite never receiving a reply.

Furthermore, the images were sent to the 43-year-old despite Bilzerian not following the celebrity chef on Instagram.

Certainly not the bog standard DMs.

The images themselves range from pictures of Salt Bae with a puppy to him wielding knives next to steaks, shirtless snaps and much, much more.

That same year, Salt Bae landed himself in a bit of hot water at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

The chef broke FIFA's rules at the World Cup when he walked onto the pitch following Argentina's victory in the final against France, and was seemingly allowed to touch the World Cup trophy.

The football organisation's website states of the trophy: "Its current design dates back to 1974. As one of the most recognised sports symbols in the world and a priceless icon, the original Fifa World Cup Trophy can only be touched and held by a very select group of people, which includes former winners of the Fifa World Cup and heads of state."

Salt Bae caused controversy at the World Cup.

In a statement provided to The Times at the time, Salt Bae said: "I didn’t go on the pitch with the purpose of advertising; I just felt like it. Then it was a bit of a surprise. There were at least another 1,000 people on the pitch but when they show the video they make out it was just me.

"I never, ever wanted to overshadow anything. I didn’t like the attention. I didn’t kick anyone, steal anything.

"It was a special moment. I can’t do anything about the reason I was there, but I would never, ever step on the World Cup pitch again."

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