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Fans divided over Chris Evans and Alba Baptista's age gap following secret marriage
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Chris Evans

Fans divided over Chris Evans and Alba Baptista's age gap following secret marriage

The couple married at a secret ceremony and fans have been losing their minds over it

Fans have raised some questions over then age gap between Chris Evans and Alba Baptista.

News broke this week that the couple had tied the knot in secret, with Marvel alumni Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner all getting an invite.

According to Page Six, it was an 'intimate ceremony' and took place at their home near Boston.

And in order to stop info from getting leaked to the press, guests reportedly had to sign agreements to keep schtum.

I mean, a fat load of good that did, eh?

Once the news was out there, though, fans flooded social media with a mixture of joy at the couple's nuptials and sadness that Captain America was finally off the market.

Others, however, appear to be a little more divided on the matter.

The recently married couple.

Now, age gaps in Hollywood couples is nothing new - look at Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones - but some believe there's been a bit of a double standard when it comes to 42-year-old Evans and Baptista, 26.

Taking to X, one person said: "All I'm saying is when Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas, people are calling her 'grandma' and all that stuff, since she's 11 years older than him.

"But when it's Chris Evans marrying a woman who is 16 years his junior, the age gap doesn't matter. Make it make sense, come on!"

Another commented: "16 year age gaps are gross. Even if you’re Chris Evans."

"I want to see the same energy Joe Jonas got for the age gap with Sophie Turner towards 42 year old Chris Evans marrying a 26 year old," put a third.

As with anything, though, there's always another side to the debate.

Some fans have questioned the age gap.

And that other side is that it's basically nobody's business.

"My [hot] take on the age gap between Chris Evans and Chris Evans' wife is... that it's none of y'all's business, please go read a book or take a walk or something," said one.

Echoing the sentiment, another commented: "Chris Evans has a good reputation, no criminal offences, no issues with past partners.

"Sure, there is an age gap here but frankly they look the same age range & they met as proper adults so who are we to judge?

"They both seem nice & I wish Twitter would just let them be happy."

They've got a point, guys.

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