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People feel sorry for kids in 'the unluckiest MrBeast challenge video to be in'

People feel sorry for kids in 'the unluckiest MrBeast challenge video to be in'

MrBeast offered them a challenge, but they didn't get what they might have been expecting

People feel really sorry for a group of kids who got involved in a MrBeast video but that has been described as the ‘unluckiest’ one going.

The YouTuber is well known for his videos in which he gives away extravagant prizes and large sums of money, but this one didn’t quite pan out like that, proving that if something seems too good to be true, a lot of the time it is.

MrBeast – real name James Steven Donaldson – often does huge challenges such as his replication of Squid Game and other massive undertakings.

This wasn’t one of those, though.

In fact, this was only a tiny game, involving just two kids opening a bunch of boxes.

The kids were racing around trying to unwrap the boxes.

MrBeast and fellow creator, James Seo, approached them in the store and offered them a choice – one dollar or a mystery gift.

Clearly, they thought they were going to win a big prize.

At one stage, it seems as if one of the kids thinks that they’re about to win a car, but – as we’ve already said – it didn’t shake down like that.

The boxes started out really large, gradually getting smaller and smaller and reducing the amount of space that the 25-year-old content creator had to hide whatever riches these children thought they were getting.

As the boxes got progressively smaller, it became clear that they weren’t getting a car, nor were they getting a piece of expensive tech, nor even a load of money.

It was money though, just one singular dollar bill.

$1, that's all they got.

MrBeast deadpanned his way through the whole thing, before revealing that they were only getting a buck, which they could have had anyway without the unwrapping fiasco.

Online, the reaction has been mixed to say the least.

Some people think it’s funny, while others have remarked that it’s just the way ‘the economy hits’, but some still have said that it’s actually pretty cruel on the poor lads unwrapping the boxes.

One person said: “You just see the happiness get demolished.”

In the end, MrBeast was bluffing.

Another said: “MrBeast did them so dirty.”

“I think meeting [MrBeast] is way better than getting money,” someone else said.

While a fourth pointed out: “Hey, a dollar is a dollar.”

Yes, but when he’s been flinging all sorts of cool stuff and money around for ages, you might be forgiven for ramping up your expectations.

Anyway, the dollar – and the precious memory – was all they got.

Luckily, they didn’t seem to unhappy about that.

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast

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