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MrBeast put 40 different girls through 'the test' before current relationship

MrBeast put 40 different girls through 'the test' before current relationship

The YouTuber is pretty picky when it comes to women

MrBeast says he put 40 different girls through 'the test' before he met his current partner.

The social media star is one of the richest streamers on the planet, with millions of followers and subscribers across his channels.

So you might think that it would be pretty easy for him to meet someone, right?

Well, speaking on the 'Flagrant' podcast, the YouTuber - real name Jimmy Donaldson - admitted that he's pretty picky when it comes to women.

The 24-year-old told the host that when he meets someone, he has to put them 'through these tests, because like, I don't, I don't really get along with women'.

But what are these 'tests' he speaks of?

Explaining how he met his current girlfriend, Thea Booysen, MrBeast said that he was having dinner with a friend when she walked in.

Mr Beast explained his criteria.
Flagrant Clips/YouTube

"I was like holy sh*t this girl is beautiful,” he said. "But I have to go through the test.”

"There's just certain things where if you have these traits we'll get along really well, and if you don't, it's impossible for us to hang out... So I had to put her through the ringer and start asking questions."

He went on: "If I meet a girl that's like beautiful and we have these 10 traits, like, we're gonna be literally best friends, right?"

The YouTuber explained that he quizzed her on her hobbies and interests, to 'get a feel' for what she was about, and whether she was really interested in learning, which is a big one for him.

And fortunately for the pair of them, she 'checked all the boxes', with his partner telling him that she was an author and was doing a neuroscience degree 'just for fun'.

Though she certainly wasn't the first woman he'd 'put through the ringer'.

"This was probably the 40th different girl I had talked to since my ex," he said.

Elsewhere in the chat, Donaldson also revealed that should he die, his YouTube channel would be up for grabs to his pals, though, as always, there's a catch.

Joking about his demise, he said of his friends and collaborators: "Oh, yeah, they want me to die."

"They do, because the second I die, yeah, Carl, Chandler, Chris, the three guys, Nolan, maybe, he's a little newer we haven't decided if he partakes yet or not [...] they'll put their hand in my Tombstone [and the] last to take it off gets the channel. Everything. 100 percent, everything."

Adding: "That is happening, mark my words. I don't even know if I've really said it publicly. I tweeted it one time, but I'm serious I don't give a ⁠— how much you guys cry, right [his friends should] put their hands on the tombstone and give the channel to whoever wins okay? And don't bully them for it they're just doing what I want."

Featured Image Credit: thea_booysen/Instagram

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