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Woman admits to spending $30k on a new face because she thought she was 'ugly'

Woman admits to spending $30k on a new face because she thought she was 'ugly'

The influencer says she went from 'botched to Barbie'.

An influencer has confessed that she has spent over $30,000 on cosmetic surgery because she thought she was 'ugly'.

YouTuber Mia Dio decided to do a deep-dive on every procedure and surgery she had had done to enhance her face after getting her first treatment with a fake ID when she was just 16 years old.

"Before you judge me, I don't really care. I am obviously my worst judge," Mia shared.

"You cannot out-judge me more than I have judged myself in this life."

The influencer did admit that she definitely went overboard from time to time, as she tried to transform herself from - as she puts it - 'botched to Barbie'.

For example, when she started getting lip filler at 16, she admitted that she quickly started to get 'addicted' to it, and suffered from 'some kind of lip filler dysmorphia'.

The influencer spent over $30,000 on cosmetic work.
YouTube/Mia Dio

Mia, who has over 78,000 subscribers on YouTube, admitted that starting her cosmetic journey while she was still going through puberty was definitely a mistake.

"I definitely do regret getting that stuff done young because that opened the doors to a lot of self criticism. I started to poke and prod at other things that I thought were wrong with my face," she revealed.

For example, right after her high school graduation, Mia shared that she saved up for a nose job that set her back $5,000.

"After I got my nose done, I chilled a lot," she told viewers, before explaining how she started getting 'baby Botox' in her forehead shortly after.

'Baby Botox', in case you were curious, is a preventative treatment that younger clients use to stop wrinkles from setting in, rather than regular Botox, which is a corrective treatment.

When she noticed that the Botox lifted her eyebrows up slightly, Mia said she decided to go all-in and get the trendy 'fox eye lift'.

"Basically they put threads underneath your skin and tug the skin up, giving you a ponytail facelift," she explained.

"Although this was really fun to experiment with, the results don't last long at all."

Mia aged 14, before she had gotten any work done.
YouTube/Mia Dio

She added, however, that she'll still get the procedure done from time to time 'for special occasions when I want to look super snatched'.

She joked: "So clearly it hasn't scared me away, or there's something seriously wrong with me."

After that, Mia revealed that she got porcelain veneers in Turkey - which should have set her back $5,500, but she got for free through a collaboration.

"That was pretty much it for a while, until I met Dr Ron," she continued.

Walking into the celebrity injector's clinic, Mia admitted that she had no particular treatment in mind, and just wanted to see what he would suggest.

She explained that she left the appointment with touched-up botox, under-eye filler and cheekbone filler. She added that Dr Ron also 'put threads underneath my skin to lift up my cheek fat and tuck it back.'

The results are pretty short-lived, Mia admitted, but she loved the look so much that she gets that procedure done 'every ten months, or when I start to notice results fade away'.

She confessed that she started as young as 16.
YouTube/Mia Dio

Finally, FINALLY, Mia revealed that she has most recently gotten jaw botox and a boob job.

Mia assured her followers that, although all of this work had definitely helped her with her confidence, she doesn't necessarily recommend it as a solution to low confidence.

She warned: "I think it’s important to note that cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery aren’t meant to be a one-size-[fits]-all for self-esteem issues, although it can help."

While many of Mia's followers praised her for her honesty, others emphasised the role unrealistic beauty standards played in women's body confidence.

One wrote: "Remember folks, you're never ugly, just peer pressured into following unrealistic beauty standards."

Another said: "You were definitely not ugly before, but if this makes you happy, it's totally fine. Your nose looks great, very natural."

A third said: "You were never ugly before the procedures. Kudos to you for being upfront about your experiences!"

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Mia Dio

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