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Mark Zuckerberg immediately texted Dana White after Elon Musk challenged Meta boss to a fight

Mark Zuckerberg immediately texted Dana White after Elon Musk challenged Meta boss to a fight

Elon Musk announced last month that he would be 'up for a cage fight' with Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg.

Dana White says he immediately received a text from Mark Zuckerberg the day after Elon Musk challenged him to a cage-fight.

The UFC boss says he's in regular contact with Musk and Zuckerberg, who have been throwing virtual punches at each other online.

The pair concluded that the only way to settle the social media war is with a mixed martial arts cage fight.

I mean, we are all for it.

Zuckerberg and Musk may not be mucking about.

Last month, Twitter owner Musk tweeted that he was 'up for a cage match' with the Meta boss.

And Zuckerberg, who manages Facebook and Instagram, seemed to accept the challenge by taking a screenshot of Musk’s tweet and replying 'send me location'.

Musk then tweeted back 'Vegas Octagon', with Sin City being home the biggest fights across combat sports.

He then joked that he had a 'great move' to show off and noted that his personal workout regime consists of spending time with his children.

“I have this great move that I call 'The Walrus', where I just lie on top of my opponent & do nothing,” Musk tweeted.

Got to feel sorry for his kids here.

Elon Musk has called for a fight between himself and Mark Zuckerberg.

He then worryingly added: “I almost never work out, except for picking up my kids & throwing them in the air.”

Whereas Zuckerberg would appear to be in good shape for the challenge after winning his first jiu-jitsu competition recently, so it looks like the Tesla boss has got some work to do.

"I haven't started training yet. So if this does happen, I will," Musk later admitted in an exchange on Twitter with Ashlee Vance, the author of a book on Musk and the space race.

And UFC president White has since come out and said that the two are 'dead serious' about taking each other on.

White added that he'd received a text from Zuckerberg just one day after, asking if Musk was 'serious' about the fight.

Will Zuckerberg really take on Musk?

He said: "Both guys are absolutely dead serious about this. They both want to do it. Mark Zuckerberg hit me up first and said, 'Is he serious?'

"And I said, 'I don't know, let me ask him,' and I asked him and he said, ''yeah, I'm dead serious'. It would break all pay-per-view records.

"These guys would raise, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars for charity and, you know, you don't have to be a big fight fan to be interested in this fight.

"Everybody would want to see it."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @zuck / Jeff Bottari / Contributor / Chesnot / Contributor

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