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Fans shocked after Madonna posts topless photos on Instagram
Featured Image Credit: @madonna/Instagram

Fans shocked after Madonna posts topless photos on Instagram

Madonna shared the images on her Instagram Stories.

Madonna has shocked fans after she shared a series of topless photos on Instagram on Friday.

The 'Material Girl' singer, 64, uploaded two photos onto her Instagram Stories this week, in which she appeared to be completely topless in both.

In one of the images, she did make sure to strategically cover her nipples with candy emojis, and in a second photo, the singer captioned the image with: "Went from candy to money" across her chest.

It seems the photos are part of the 30th anniversary of her fifth album, Erotica, which was released in October 1992, along with her first book, titled Sex.

“Thirty years ago I published a book called S.E.X. in addition to photos of me naked. There were photos of men kissing men, woman [sic] kissing woman, and me kissing everyone," she wrote on Instagram.

"I also wrote about my sexual fantasies and shared my point of view about sexuality in an ironic way."

Madonna shared the topless photos on Instagram.

At the time, six singles were released from the album Erotica, including 'Deeper and Deeper', 'Bad Girl', 'Fever', 'Rain' and 'Bye Bye Baby'.

Although it was less successful than previous albums, it did reach number two on the US Billboard 200 and sold more than six million copies worldwide.

While fans were pretty shocked over Madonna's posts, many were quick to praise the singer, with one writing on Twitter: "I love Madonna she still can do everything she wants to."

While another said: "I mean, at 64, I hope to look this good."

Fans were shocked at the images.

It's the second time this week that Madonna has shocked fans, after the singer was accused of doing poppers during a TikTok livestream on Thursday.

Madonna was invited on a livestream with TikToker Psyiconic, who hosts the live show as her alter-ego Terri Joe.

However, things took a turn when Madonna pulled out a small brown bottle and proceeded to inhale whatever was coming out of it.

A stunned Terri Joe asked: "Did you just do poppers?"

Madonna replied with: "Wooh, I've never done that before," before refuting the suggestion.

While it's unknown what the 64-year-old was sniffing from the bottle, loads of people on social media thought it was poppers.

One person wrote: "I can’t believe I witnessed Madonna doing poppers live on TikTok."

While another said: "Madonna doing poppers live on a TikTok while getting her hair done is so funny to me."

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